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Finally, a Tinea Versicolor Treatment That Works!

Who has heard of Tinea Versicolor?  Unfortunately, me.  I first remember these ugly little splotches popping up when I was a teenager…most prominent on my back/chest.  While mine is not as severe as these photos I found online, and it sometimes goes away for months and/or years,  it’s just as annoying!!!  For those of you blessed enough not to make Mr. Versicolor’s acquaintance, here’s some info:

Tinea versicolor: Overview

Also called pityriasis versicolor

We all have yeast living on our skin. When the yeast grow out of control, a person can get a skin disease called tinea versicolor.

Your dermatologist may tell you that you have a fungal infection on your skin. Yeast is a type of fungus.

Many people get tinea versicolor. It is one of the most common skin diseases in tropical and subtropical areas of the world. People who live in tropical areas may have tinea versicolor year-round.

Tinea versicolor: Signs and symptoms

The first sign of tinea versicolor is often spots on the skin. The other signs and symptoms are:

  • The spots are lighter (sometimes darker) than the surrounding skin. The color of the spots can be white, pink, salmon, red, tan, or brown.
  • The spots can appear anywhere on the body.
  • Spots can be dry and scaly.
  • Skin may itch where the spots appear.
  • Spots become more noticeable as the skin tans. The yeast prevents the skin from tanning.
  • Spots grow slowly.
  • As the yeast grows, the spots can combine and form patches of lighter (or darker) skin.
  • The spots may disappear when the temperature drops and return in the spring or summer when the air gets warm and humid.


Fun stuff huh?  Did I go to a dermatologist?  Nope.  I’m a self-diagnoser, and I’m not afraid to admit it because I’m usually correct (90% of the time anyway).  Additionally, I’m more confident in my “diagnoses” because it’s been supported by 2 doctors–I went there for random things (an allergist and a GP for a checkup) and they both noticed, commented, and called it by name.


Now to the treatment, man, this crap is hard to get rid of.  It acts up more when I’m hot and sweaty which is a lot since I workout quite a bit, and live a pretty active lifestyle in the super hot Midwest.  The most common treatment is:

Medicine applied to the skin: There are anti-fungal shampoos, soaps, creams, and lotions that can keep the yeast under control. The active ingredient in these medicines is often selenium sulfide, ketoconazole, or pyrithione zinc. 

This has been my go-to.  I’ve done Selsuin Blue (yes, the dandruff shampoo, contains selenium sulfide), which consists of letting this shampoo sit on your skin for an allotted amount of time, and then showering it off.  The downfall is that this sometimes burns my skin, and has occasionally left a bit of a scar.  I’ve even done Monistat 7 (no, it’s not just for hoo-has).  All of these treatments are time-consuming and expensive.  I’ve done more things than I can even go into on this blog post.  Some worked but took 5000 years, some didn’t work at all, and some kept it from getting worse.  None of them worked very well.  I was tempted to try anti-fungal pills (which I despise taking and putting weird things into my body) but I was getting desperate.

Anti-fungal pills: A dermatologist may prescribe these pills if the tinea versicolor covers a large area of the body, is thick, or often returns after it is treated. These pills are taken for a short time. But anti-fungal pills can cause unwanted side effects. They can interfere with other medicine that you take. A dermatologist will monitor a patient who takes this medicine.  Umm…no ma’am!

I was honored with the opportunity to try TVT Sensitive from Elk Haven Herbals complimentary in exchange for my honest review.  I had low expectations honestly, but boy did this stuff make my life!

tvt sensitiveI’m not going to lie, when I first received it and opened it, it scared me!  To me, it had a faint bleach smell.  Yes, you heard me, bleach!  I thought, there’s no way in hell I’m putting that on my skin.  Now, let’s keep this in perspective, I have a REALLY sensitive nose.  No, it didn’t smell like bleach super bad, like I was getting ready to wash a load of whites…it was just faint.  And, the ingredients are ALL NATURAL.  But still, I’m a chicken.  So I put this stuff up on my shelf and thought, no way!  I left it for about 2-3 weeks.

In those weeks, my versicolor roared…rejecting the outside bike rides my husband and I were taking in 90 degree weather.  It spread from one little friendly spot on my back, to all over my entire back.  No, I didn’t take pics, because I don’t like looking at it nor showing it off. 😦 But trust me, it was bad!  I’m blessed enough to where it doesn’t much spread beyond my back and it’s mostly covered, but I do enjoy wearing tank tops etc and it makes me self-conscience for sure.  I thought, screw it.  What do I have to lose?

I tested it for a day or 2 on a small part of my body.  Then I braved up, and put it all over myself every night before bed as the directions instructed.  I was diligent, I did not miss a day.  A week goes by and it still looks the same.  On that second week, I thought I noticed some SLIGHT improvement. Honey, by week 3, I was a fan!  There was no disputing that this stuff was killing the ugly fungus, and restoring my skin to normal!  After about 5-6 weeks, the versicolor was completely gone!

Needless to say, I am a fan for life!  I will ALWAYS have this stuff in my cabinet, and I’m still using it periodically for maintenance.  It’s all natural, and I experienced no skin irritation or ugly side effects.  The price point isn’t bad (it’s a thin liquid that goes a long way), and truly, for great ,clear skin, isn’t it worth it?

Our Tinea Versicolor Treatment for sensitive skin at Elk Haven Herbals provides the necessary concentration of nitrogenous compounds to eliminate an often incurable tinea infection. By combining the nitrogenous compounds with a base of aloe vera, this product reduces the risk of reaction for those with skin sensitivies. Our eight ounce bottle should last on average two months with daily treatment.


So, do you have Versicolor or know someone that does?  What has been your experience?  Hi-Five, dap, head-nod and a twirl to Fashionably clear skin!



These Boots Are Made for…Faces?

Top of the morning!  I’ve got the scoop on more healthy skin care–#teamorganic!  Have you ever heard of Boots?  Sure you have.  But have you heard of Boots Botanics?  Well, never fear–I received products for free in exchange for my honest review.  And being the kind girl I am, I’m so happy to share with you what I’ve learned ;).  Let’s get started!

boots balm

The first thing I used was Boots Botanics Organic Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm.  This gets an A+ for uniqueness at the very least, I’ve never used something like this before!  The consistency is similar to Chapstick or Carmex and it also smelled AMAZING.  Very natural, very light.  It contains Jojoba  Oil, Shea Butter and Rose Hip, so it didn’t leave my skin dry at all.

“Massage balm over face and neck.  Soak the cloth in warm water and use as a gentel compress to draw out impurities.  Remove remaining Balm.  Finish by soaking the cloth in cold water and press gently over face to close pores.”  Ok? Done!

boots day cream I was provided with the opportunity to try Boots Botanics All Bright Hydrating Day Cream which I also loved.  It too smelled amazeballs USA!  It has a really creamy lotion-like consistency which I enjoy!  It’s on the thicker side, but not at all too heavy for the face.  I also love day creams that have an SPF!  I’ll likely add a stronger one on top of this when I plan to be outside more, but SPF 15 is a great start!  It also contains hibiscus which is said to brighten the skin tone, and Hyaluronic acid to boost moisture levels.  Remember when we discussed the perks of Hyaluronic Acid in my previous post?


boots night cream

Boots Botanics Hydrating Night Cream has a great consistency to it as well.  To be honest, it has a little bit more of a perfumy scent than what I enjoy–a scent very different than the other 2 products.  But as I’m sure you’ve noticed, and as I’ve said, I’m really sensitive to scent and very picky!  My skin felt great when using this overnight, and I woke up to really soft skin!

Some key points about Boots:

-Included in each product is a unique key extract, selected to target a specific need

All products are free of parabens, mineral oils, paraffin waxes, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (doesn’t this sound like the name of twin girls?!), replacing with man-made chemicals and natural ingredients when possible

Not tested on animals

Packaging uses recycled materials where possible

The best part is the easy availability and the price points, as you can buy these products at Tarjay aka Target.  Winning!  Click here for Boots Botanics


What do you think, have you tried these products?  And if so, was it a win for you?  Will you incorporate Boots into your skincare regimen?


Cheers to fashionable skin,









Butter Me Up: Keeping Your Skin Soft


Good Ole Paula Dean!  LOL.  Whooooo makes these?  Have I got your attention?  Good.  No, I’m not talking about stick butter, although wouldn’t that be interesting as hell?  I know someone (me, me, me) would jump on the bandwagon with a quickness if I read a good article listing the benefits of slathering my skin with some kitchen butter!  But I’ve got one better for you, as I was sent some products free in exchange for my honest review.  Let’s chat…


BUTTERelixir-baby-600x600BUTTERelixir was created by 3 yogis who wanted something moisturizing for their skin after they practiced yoga.  Fast forward, and BUTTERElixir was created!  And of course it’s my fave–all de naturale (okay, you caught me, so I’m not bi-lingual)…

The smell?  Light and citrusy!  I smelled oranges when I first opened it which honestly isn’t my favorite smell for skin, but it wasn’t off-putting at all.  After my shower while my skin was still wet, I used Butter Elixir Baby all over (this sounds like the beginning of a naughty movie, I’ve revised this sentence like 3 times).  LOL!

It really felt great on my skin.  It’s light yet moisturizing.  And the smell dissipated very quickly but the soft sheen remained…my skin felt great the rest of the night! This would be a great one for summer time!

Light and ingenuous, BUTTERelixir baby is a concise and delicate formula that was designed to be gentle enough for the skin of everyone, including little ones. A trifecta of skin soothers work in tandem to soften, and invigorate the skin and the senses. Avocado Oil, embedded with a high ratio of proteins, fats, sterolin, lecithin and potassium, is a powerful carrier of hydration and stimulation that liberally supplies nutrients topically. The oil from this fruit is absorbed by the skins derma layer and is capable of penetrating much deeper than the surface. A powerful oil on its own, when paired with Calendula oil it tenderly addresses the skin and scalp with its comforting touch. Together the dynamic duo of Avocado oil and Calendula oil are pious enough to envelope the skin of oneself and those we love the most. The enlivening notes of tangerine dance subtly in the divine formula to uplift the spirit and senses. The scent of citrus rounds out the spirit leaving the skin not only refreshed and hydrated, but happy. The soothing qualities of the oil will pay off for both parent and child… Especially around nap time. BUTTERelixir baby is for all, without exception.

Ingredients: Avocado oil, Calendula oil, Tangerine essential oil.

Have you heard of BUTTERelixir?  If you’re into essential oils, this is a good pick, although a little pricey!  And you can’t beat the great skin, no harmful chemicals combo.  What do you think?

Fashionably Yours,








Organic Anti-Aging with Amara!


In my quest to become like Benjamin Button (so my husband says), I stumbled upon Amara Organics! 

benjamin button


Since I’m deep into my dirty-thirties, I feel like I better do something to maintain my skin and like we talked about my previous post, I’ve recently started a regimen which I hope will support my quest!  I’ve started using these products along with my Christina Moss Naturals.  So, let’s talk about the products I received for free in exchange for my honest review!

I’ve said many times that I really love organic products!  Therefore, I’m happy my new skin-care routine doesn’t contain a bunch of harmful chemicals.  This is a total win in my book:

Amara Organics is committed to using the highest quality natural and organic ingredients in our skin care products.

Here is a list of ingredients that are NOT found in our products:

  • No Petrochemicals
  • No Parabens
  • No Artificial colors
  • No Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfates
  • No DMDM Hydantoin/Diazonial Urea
  • No EDTA
  • No TEA, DEA, or MEA
  • No Phthalates
  • No Methylisothiazolinone


Vitamin C Cream for FaceThis has a great consistency.  It may be a tad thick for my face, but I’ve continued to use it occasionally and sparingly.  I love that it doesn’t have a smell and it’s super creamy and smooth!

-Stimulates collagen to restore elasticity and erase fine lines and wrinkles
– Neutralizes free radicals to reverse UV and environmental damage
– Protects against further UV damage
– Improves skin texture for a smoother, brighter complexion
– Fades age spots and discoloration

Advanced Age-Defying MoisturizerI didn’t love the smell of this, but it wasn’t rank.  It’s thinner than the Vitamin C Cream, and felt great/soaked into the skin well.  So I’ll keep using this occasionally too!

 Long-lasting hydration for soft, supple skin
– Sooths and nourishes dry, damaged, and irritated skin
– Plumps and fills in fine lines and wrinkles
– Antioxidant protection against environmental damage and free radicals
– Lightweight formula won’t clog pores or leave skin feeling greasy or oily

I’ve also had the privilege of trying the Anti-Aging Serums…winning!  I’ve had no adverse reactions so far, and they all feel super light and great on the skin.  Additionally, they’re all unscented which I love!  I’ve used the retinol every couple of days or so to avoid irritation.  I also try to use this at night, and always wear sunblock on my face during the day–I’ve read that hyperpigmentation can occur if the skin is left unprotected when using retinol.


Retinol Serum 2.5% with Hylaronic Acid & Vitamin E

  • Repairs skin on a molecular level to erase fine lines and wrinkles
  • Stimulates collagen for firmer, smoother skin
  • Speeds up skin cell turnover to fade brown spots, discoloration, and acne scars
  • Improves texture and tone for a smoother, softer, more radiant complexion
  • Unclogs pores to clear up acne and prevent future breakouts


Vitamin C Serum for Face with Hylaronic Acid & Vitamin E

  • Increases the production of collagen to bring back skin’s natural elasticity and counteract fine lines and wrinkles
  • Powerful antioxidant properties neutralize free radicals to reverse damage caused by the sun, pollutants, and cigarette smoke
  • Protects your skin from UV damage such as age spots, discoloration, and fine lines
  • Improves skin texture to give you a smoother, brighter complexion
  • Combined with Vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid for extra powerful anti-aging effects


Hyalronic Acid Serum for Skin with Vitamins C&E

-Plumps and hydrates skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles
– Locks in moisture, giving skin a dewy, supple glow
– Boosts collagen production, restoring skin’s natural elasticity
– Softens and smooths for a more even skin tone
– Leaves skin looking radiant and youthful

I hope to report back after a couple of months and let you know of any changes that occurred!  I’m so new to the serum world, and I was honestly scared to put all this stuff on my face, LOL!  I tested it all first for several days on my collarbone to see if I turned into a lizard.  Luckily, I did not. 

So, who’s a serum girl?  What can you share with us about these top of products–good and bad?  And, have you tried Amara Organics?  I feel like their prices are reasonable too, as a little goes a long way!

Fashionably Young,



Are You Naturally Fly?

Knock Knock?  You guys still there?  Well…Happy New Year folks!  It’s been a minute!  I hope you enjoyed the holidays–I sure did!  The hustle and bustle, the food and the family time!  I’m almost a little sad that it’s over!  But all good things must come to an end so they say….so let’s get down to the business of being fashionable with great skin!!!

I love body butters, I really prefer them over lotion because of the intense moisturizing they provide– I don’t want my black to crack!  This is especially important during the winter, but my skin likes them all year long!

Have you heard of Naturally Fly?  I had such a nice experience with them; for me, great customer service is a must!  I  received some products in exchange for my honest, unbiased, review, and I’m happy to chat with you about them!



Honey Punch Body Butter contains 100% natural ingredients–you know I’m a sucker for all things natural!

Honey Punch™ unrefined Shea Butter enhanced with Honey. Honey is a natural skin-softening agent, extremely rich with Vitamins A and E. With its natural antibacterial properties, Honey Punch is an all natural moisturizer that fights acne while acting as a natural skin clarifier.

This product made my skin feel great!  I love my skin to have a sheen to it (with the exception of my face), and this product did great in that department.  It soaks into the skin easily, but has the great lasting power of a Shea Butter product.  A little dab goes a long way, so I think this 4oz container will certainly last for a while.

Butttttt, on the down side, I was NOT a fan of the smell.  I found it really overpowering.  I’m not sure how to describe the scent, but it was just Team Too Strong for me, and punched me right in the nose!  With that being said, I’m honestly very picky, and always lean towards lighter scents.  If you like to use skin products that really kick off a smell and have great scented lasting power, this one certainly did, as the smell lasted through several hand-washings.

naturallyfly-sheabutter-midnightmango_4oz_1I also received Midnight Mango, and I’m not a fan of tropical scents.  However, I was very pleasantly surprised, as this one smelled nice!  It’s a very light, sweet scent, and it also feels great on the skin as did the Honey Punch.

Ultra Rich in Vitamins A and E to promote skin hydration! Unrefined Shea Butter enhanced with Extra Virgin Avocado Oil, a natural retinoid. Our blend is the best for all natural skin rejuvenation. Midnight Mango is a natural age-defying body butter with a refreshing tropical scent. Use this body butter for a quick topical burst of Vitamin C.

Naturally Fly also has a great selection of other types of body butters as well as salt scrubs I’d be interested in trying.  I would likely love the Super Natural Body Butter which is fragrance-free.  They also have a Fly Daddy Salt Scrub, and as an occasional migraine sufferer, I like to find natural ways to relieve the pain!

Fly Daddy™ As if the Himalayan salt wasn’t enough, the peppermint promotes healthy clear skin with a cooling effect! Get your circulation on and reduce tension headaches at the same time.

So what do you think, would you give this a whirl?  The 2oz travel size body butters are $14.99, and the 40z body butters are $19.99.  They run some really great sales periodically too!  Score!









Winter Eye Pallet and Almost Organic Skin!

So how was your Christmas?  Mine was fantastic and I ate way too much as usual.  My boys were a little under the weather, but in spite of it all, we were together which is what counts and we made it a blast.

I received some great stuff!  I know that’s not what it’s all about, but my goodness, gifts are fun danggit!  One of my friends, who truly knows the way to my heart (makeup) gave me some fab items!  I wore the eye pallet this past weekend, and couldn’t wait to share it with you!  I’ve also stumbled upon some more healthy skin care items…


I received both of these items in exchange for my honest, unbiased review.  Have you guys heard of Oz Naturals?   The Sweet Almond and Macadamia Nut Body Butter is 60% organic, which made me giggle, because I thought things were either just organic or not, lol.  But I suppose anything organic is to the good!  It contains Shea Butter, Avocado Oil and Kukui Nut Oil  (which I’d never heard of).

It feels absolutely soothing on the skin, which I love!  I use this a lot on my hands which are sometimes extremely chapped after so much hand-washing.  It’s not as thick as some of the other butters I’ve used and it’s not too light either.  It’s really just right down the middle.  I think this one would even be okay to wear on your face although I haven’t tried it there yet.  It’s not particularly advertised as unscented, but to me, it really doesn’t smell like much of anything but it smells good!  Maybe just a very LIGHT fragrance of something natural.  I wouldn’t say it’s long-lasting, but it’s worth the reapply and comes in a large container for a good price–both are $14.99 each with Prime.

About the Product

  • THIS BODY BUTTER contains sweet almond & macadamia nut oil for the richest, silkiest replenishing all-over body moisturizer available. If you want your body to have that rich and healthy summer-shine, this is your body butter.
  • THIS BODY BUTTER is formulated to provide that healthy, shiny, summer look and is packed with nourishing ingredients to hydrate skin during harsh and dry winter months.
  • This NOURISHING & HYDRATING formula can also be used on the face for overly dry skin types.


The Olive & Jojoba Oil Nourishing Soufflé  is 70% Organic giggles a little.  It contains Organic Aloe Vera, Organic Green Tea and Shea Butter & B5.  This is a really interesting concept to me, as it doesn’t feel at all like I expected.  It’s not a lotion at all, but it almost feels like hair conditioner, but for your skin!  I don’t think it would help with ash as far as giving your skin a sheen, BUT, it does seem really soothing.  These two would be great to use in conjunction with each other–I would start with the Olive and Jojoba Oil Nourishing Soufflé’ first.  And I haven’t tried this on my face either (I’m really careful about what I put on my face, and like to try it other places for a while first), but I think this would be a win on the face because it’s so light and wouldn’t leave your skin oily.  It also mimics the light smell of their Body Butter, so for me, that’s great too–I’m not into heavy fragrance.

About the Product


  • ORGANIC BODY MOISTURIZE with olive and jojoba oil is the next step in the evolution of personal care for your entire body. Whipped to perfection, this excellent moisturizer gives your body the hydration it needs.
  • OUR NON-GREASY formula adds a silky-softness and imparts a healthy glow to all skin types.
  • THIS RICH SOUFFLE which includes Aloe Vera, Green Tea, Shea Butter, and Vitamin B5 softens rough spots, and heals dry skin, and is also an excellent massage cream.



wrappers delight

Wet N Wild Wrapper’s Delight is a breath of winter air!  Ahhh…  It’s a glittery smokey-eye palette (one can never have too many of those) and it delivers great, dark, rich color with some shimmer! It does have some fallout, which I seem to notice about Wet N Wild palettes, but it doesn’t deter me from them.  The blending was great on this one and it didn’t crease either…winning!  I couldn’t find this on their actual site, but I did see it on ebay and various other spots.  Perhaps it’s still in drugstores as well!  It’s worth the hunt and reasonably priced, about $7 or so!

Did you round up this palette this holiday season?



Stocking Stuffers: Soft Lips and Great Pits




For me, one of my favorite parts of Christmas is looking for fun stocking stuffers.  They are great because they are gift items that don’t break the bank and you can always go with something wacky, funny, different, traditional, or something really useful.  I was recently sent items from 2 companies for my honest, unbiased review, and it occurred to me that these would fit in this category perfectly!


Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant available in Jars and Sticks, $8.99

You can probably tell by now that I LOVE natural products!  I was super happy to stumble upon Schmidt’s as their deodorants are free of aluminum, parabens, propylene-glycol (that just sounds bad, doesn’t it), phathalates (which also sounds crappy), gluten, chemicals and synthetics!

I received 3 different types of deodorant: fragrance-free, Bergamot+Lime, and Cedarwood+Juniper.  These smell absolutely FANTASTIC!  Both scents reminded me of something I’d like to smell on my guy, but I would certainly wear it too!  And fragrance-free is perfect for the picky gift recipient.

The first one I tried was the Bergamot+Lime.  Well, sigh….it didn’t work for me!  LOL!  I must be in need of chemicals, at least as far as my pits are concerned,  because I detected a slight hint of funk at the end of the day.  Luckily, I tested these on a day I was at home alone.  Not the knock-your-ass-down, omg is that for real smell?!  But the whiff and waft method of smelling underarms for the purpose of review type.  I didn’t work out that day, thankfully, because if I had of, I think it could have turned into the “omg is that for real” smell.

armpit funk.gif

So back to Secret Outlast I go, because I like to keep my pit-funk on a hush-hush.

On the flipside, my husband also tried Bergamot+Lime.  He wore it to work (he’s a brave soul) and he works a very physical job with a lot of movement, walking and down right sweating.  I texted him to ask how he smelled and he responds “idk.”  LOL!  Only a man!  So, when he walks in the door, I give his pits a whiff, and he smells delightful!  No funk, only the scent of Bergamot+Lime.  Schmidt’s was a win for him!  With this being said, his armpits never ever smell, ever in life.  He can forget to put on deodorant an entire day, and never emit a smell from the depths of his man-arms.

My pits, however, are picky-pits, and I must dive into my Secret Outlast immediately–do not pass go, do not collect $200— following a shower to remain funk-free throughout the day! 😉   I really love the idea of natural deodorant and really wish it had worked for me! Sadly it did not.

So I say, give it a whirl, depending on your pit history, Schmidt’s may be a win for you too!  The price is fabooski and a cute stocking stuffer!  They have so many scents available!  And, they also have a 5 pack of sticks available for $43, you could easily knock out 5 of your friends with buying this!  And here’s the BEST PART…

Schmidt’s has an exclusive offer for my Fashionably Meek followers!  Simply enter the discount code “MEEKSCHMIDTS” and receive 15% off on all orders via their site Click Here for Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant.

product-moisture-plusMoisture Plus Lip Balm by Carmex  approximately $3-$5 USD

Carmex is a tried and true company that’s been around for forever and a day!  I think everyone at one-time or another has had one of those little round, yellow containers in their purse or pocket (shout out to Carmex’s Original Jar)!  The Moisture Plus Lip Balm is fun, because they come in cute patterns and designs and it’s in a tube similar to lipstick.  It feels fantastic on the lips and it has the familiar tingle that we love with Carmex!

Downfall time!  They’ve added a soft vanilla flavor to this lip balm and it smells amazing but boy does it taste BAD.  It doesn’t deter me from wearing it, beauty is pain, and chapped lips are gross!  How the heck can you wear a fierce matte if your lips are all flakey?  Answer: YOU CANNOT.  However, if you’re like LL Cool J and are in the habit of licking your lips, this will SURELY get you out of the habit pretty damn quickly!

product-stick-strawberry-pack-1Strawberry Stick by Carmex approximately $1.00-$2.00

This one is my favorite out of the crew.  I love the smell of strawberries, and it feels great on the lips (without any weird taste).  These also come in Cherry, Lime, Vanilla and Pomegranate.  It’s soothing and contains cocoa seed butter to help moisturize.  I like to use it to prep my lips first thing in the morning before applying any makeup.

The availability of Carmex, as well as the price, makes this a cute, simple stocking stuffer for the holidays.  You can find these items at most grocery and or drug stores!

What are some of your stocking stuffer purchases this year?