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Rimmell London Kate Sculpting Palette (contour, ladies)!

kate contour

The invention of contour has reallllllyy enriched our lives.  Don’t cha think? Admit it!  Whether it’s because you silently giggle at the girl that looks like Halloween or you admire the woman who has a flawless, perfect glow, and you wonder how you can achieve the look…

While I’m still a rookie in the contour game, as I don’t truly feel like I need it or that it’s necessary, I like to dabble in it some.  Rimmell London’s Kate Moss Collection has pretty much been FIRE to me (see my previous post regarding her nude lipstick collection) and she did not disappoint with this sculpting palette–so pretty!


I received both 001 Golden Sands  and 003 Golden Bronze complimentary in exchange for my honest review.

kate contour 2

Obviously, Golden Sands would not work for darker skin tones such as mine unless you love clowns.  However, the color combination is great and I think it could work well for someone of fair to medium complexion.  My photo doesn’t do it justice really!  It is really not that chalky in person, it just doesn’t work well with my chocolate!

Now, Golden Bronze I was impressed with.  I had a difficult time getting it to show up in a picture, and had to put it on my arm like 3 times!  That’s a win in my book, because your contour game shouldn’t stick out like a sore thumb.  When I’ve used this for contouring, the colors provided just enough shimmer!  The sculpter could be a little darker in my opinion, but I was still pleased in my overall look when using this product.

Another plus is the price point (runs about $6-$7) and the availability!  It’s sold at many of our favorite retailers such as Target, Walmart and more!



Introducing Rimmel London Kate Sculpting Kit–Rimmel’s first sculpting and highlighting kit by Kate Moss. Long-lasting colour seamlessly blends with natural skin tone for a radiant healthy glow.

Rimmel London Kate Sculpting Kit:

  • Rimmel’s first sculpting and highlighting kit by Kate Moss
  • Long-lasting colour seamlessly blends with natural skin tone for a radiant healthy glow
  • Contouring now complete with a touch of blush


So what do you think folks?  Have you tried the Kate Sculpting Palette?  Will you give it a go?  I think it’s worth it for sure!

Happy Sculpting,

Fashionably Meek

Makeup of Interest This Week

Good evening!  In case you’re too busy with the normal hustle and bustle of life to shop aisle by aisle, here are a of couple new drugstore makeup items:


loreal 1

Contour! Contour!  Contour!  Admittedly, I don’t contour much.  But, if you do, and are also into drugstore makeup, maybe this is one for you!  Have you tried it?  Downside, there’s not a big variety of shades.  Upside, the price!

The Infallible® Pro-Contour Palette makes contouring easy. Use the pro-contour brush to enhance and define features for a professional contoured look. Perfectly coordinated highlighting and contouring shades blend easily after applying for a flawless contoured look.



Colour Riche Eyeshadow comes in 15 shades!  Some of these shades are a little boring to me, but I do like this one shown, Teal Contour.  The price point isn’t bad, and if you like neutrals (which they have several of), it may be something to look into!  Am I the only one that truly prefers an entire palette over individuals?

New Colour Riche® Monos celebrate vibrant self-expression with 15 cutting edge colors in matte and shimmery finishes. Experience cutting edge gel-to-powder technology and easy application inspired by makeup artists. Build out endless looks. Discover your newest color obsession.



I had the pleasure of receiving Mica Pigment, Sierra Nevada 05 in last month’s Ipsy box.  One word…BOMB. This stuff is amazing!!!!!!! I’ve used it on my eyes so far but, my plan is to soon use it on my lips to do glittery ombre’.  It’s so bright, and amazingly enough, once it’s on, it doesn’t have a lot of fallout.  What was your favorite in last month’s Ipsy box?