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Finally, a Tinea Versicolor Treatment That Works!

Who has heard of Tinea Versicolor?  Unfortunately, me.  I first remember these ugly little splotches popping up when I was a teenager…most prominent on my back/chest.  While mine is not as severe as these photos I found online, and it sometimes goes away for months and/or years,  it’s just as annoying!!!  For those of you blessed enough not to make Mr. Versicolor’s acquaintance, here’s some info:

Tinea versicolor: Overview

Also called pityriasis versicolor

We all have yeast living on our skin. When the yeast grow out of control, a person can get a skin disease called tinea versicolor.

Your dermatologist may tell you that you have a fungal infection on your skin. Yeast is a type of fungus.

Many people get tinea versicolor. It is one of the most common skin diseases in tropical and subtropical areas of the world. People who live in tropical areas may have tinea versicolor year-round.

Tinea versicolor: Signs and symptoms

The first sign of tinea versicolor is often spots on the skin. The other signs and symptoms are:

  • The spots are lighter (sometimes darker) than the surrounding skin. The color of the spots can be white, pink, salmon, red, tan, or brown.
  • The spots can appear anywhere on the body.
  • Spots can be dry and scaly.
  • Skin may itch where the spots appear.
  • Spots become more noticeable as the skin tans. The yeast prevents the skin from tanning.
  • Spots grow slowly.
  • As the yeast grows, the spots can combine and form patches of lighter (or darker) skin.
  • The spots may disappear when the temperature drops and return in the spring or summer when the air gets warm and humid.


Fun stuff huh?  Did I go to a dermatologist?  Nope.  I’m a self-diagnoser, and I’m not afraid to admit it because I’m usually correct (90% of the time anyway).  Additionally, I’m more confident in my “diagnoses” because it’s been supported by 2 doctors–I went there for random things (an allergist and a GP for a checkup) and they both noticed, commented, and called it by name.


Now to the treatment, man, this crap is hard to get rid of.  It acts up more when I’m hot and sweaty which is a lot since I workout quite a bit, and live a pretty active lifestyle in the super hot Midwest.  The most common treatment is:

Medicine applied to the skin: There are anti-fungal shampoos, soaps, creams, and lotions that can keep the yeast under control. The active ingredient in these medicines is often selenium sulfide, ketoconazole, or pyrithione zinc. 

This has been my go-to.  I’ve done Selsuin Blue (yes, the dandruff shampoo, contains selenium sulfide), which consists of letting this shampoo sit on your skin for an allotted amount of time, and then showering it off.  The downfall is that this sometimes burns my skin, and has occasionally left a bit of a scar.  I’ve even done Monistat 7 (no, it’s not just for hoo-has).  All of these treatments are time-consuming and expensive.  I’ve done more things than I can even go into on this blog post.  Some worked but took 5000 years, some didn’t work at all, and some kept it from getting worse.  None of them worked very well.  I was tempted to try anti-fungal pills (which I despise taking and putting weird things into my body) but I was getting desperate.

Anti-fungal pills: A dermatologist may prescribe these pills if the tinea versicolor covers a large area of the body, is thick, or often returns after it is treated. These pills are taken for a short time. But anti-fungal pills can cause unwanted side effects. They can interfere with other medicine that you take. A dermatologist will monitor a patient who takes this medicine.  Umm…no ma’am!

I was honored with the opportunity to try TVT Sensitive from Elk Haven Herbals complimentary in exchange for my honest review.  I had low expectations honestly, but boy did this stuff make my life!

tvt sensitiveI’m not going to lie, when I first received it and opened it, it scared me!  To me, it had a faint bleach smell.  Yes, you heard me, bleach!  I thought, there’s no way in hell I’m putting that on my skin.  Now, let’s keep this in perspective, I have a REALLY sensitive nose.  No, it didn’t smell like bleach super bad, like I was getting ready to wash a load of whites…it was just faint.  And, the ingredients are ALL NATURAL.  But still, I’m a chicken.  So I put this stuff up on my shelf and thought, no way!  I left it for about 2-3 weeks.

In those weeks, my versicolor roared…rejecting the outside bike rides my husband and I were taking in 90 degree weather.  It spread from one little friendly spot on my back, to all over my entire back.  No, I didn’t take pics, because I don’t like looking at it nor showing it off. 😦 But trust me, it was bad!  I’m blessed enough to where it doesn’t much spread beyond my back and it’s mostly covered, but I do enjoy wearing tank tops etc and it makes me self-conscience for sure.  I thought, screw it.  What do I have to lose?

I tested it for a day or 2 on a small part of my body.  Then I braved up, and put it all over myself every night before bed as the directions instructed.  I was diligent, I did not miss a day.  A week goes by and it still looks the same.  On that second week, I thought I noticed some SLIGHT improvement. Honey, by week 3, I was a fan!  There was no disputing that this stuff was killing the ugly fungus, and restoring my skin to normal!  After about 5-6 weeks, the versicolor was completely gone!

Needless to say, I am a fan for life!  I will ALWAYS have this stuff in my cabinet, and I’m still using it periodically for maintenance.  It’s all natural, and I experienced no skin irritation or ugly side effects.  The price point isn’t bad (it’s a thin liquid that goes a long way), and truly, for great ,clear skin, isn’t it worth it?

Our Tinea Versicolor Treatment for sensitive skin at Elk Haven Herbals provides the necessary concentration of nitrogenous compounds to eliminate an often incurable tinea infection. By combining the nitrogenous compounds with a base of aloe vera, this product reduces the risk of reaction for those with skin sensitivies. Our eight ounce bottle should last on average two months with daily treatment.


So, do you have Versicolor or know someone that does?  What has been your experience?  Hi-Five, dap, head-nod and a twirl to Fashionably clear skin!



Butter Me Up: Keeping Your Skin Soft


Good Ole Paula Dean!  LOL.  Whooooo makes these?  Have I got your attention?  Good.  No, I’m not talking about stick butter, although wouldn’t that be interesting as hell?  I know someone (me, me, me) would jump on the bandwagon with a quickness if I read a good article listing the benefits of slathering my skin with some kitchen butter!  But I’ve got one better for you, as I was sent some products free in exchange for my honest review.  Let’s chat…


BUTTERelixir-baby-600x600BUTTERelixir was created by 3 yogis who wanted something moisturizing for their skin after they practiced yoga.  Fast forward, and BUTTERElixir was created!  And of course it’s my fave–all de naturale (okay, you caught me, so I’m not bi-lingual)…

The smell?  Light and citrusy!  I smelled oranges when I first opened it which honestly isn’t my favorite smell for skin, but it wasn’t off-putting at all.  After my shower while my skin was still wet, I used Butter Elixir Baby all over (this sounds like the beginning of a naughty movie, I’ve revised this sentence like 3 times).  LOL!

It really felt great on my skin.  It’s light yet moisturizing.  And the smell dissipated very quickly but the soft sheen remained…my skin felt great the rest of the night! This would be a great one for summer time!

Light and ingenuous, BUTTERelixir baby is a concise and delicate formula that was designed to be gentle enough for the skin of everyone, including little ones. A trifecta of skin soothers work in tandem to soften, and invigorate the skin and the senses. Avocado Oil, embedded with a high ratio of proteins, fats, sterolin, lecithin and potassium, is a powerful carrier of hydration and stimulation that liberally supplies nutrients topically. The oil from this fruit is absorbed by the skins derma layer and is capable of penetrating much deeper than the surface. A powerful oil on its own, when paired with Calendula oil it tenderly addresses the skin and scalp with its comforting touch. Together the dynamic duo of Avocado oil and Calendula oil are pious enough to envelope the skin of oneself and those we love the most. The enlivening notes of tangerine dance subtly in the divine formula to uplift the spirit and senses. The scent of citrus rounds out the spirit leaving the skin not only refreshed and hydrated, but happy. The soothing qualities of the oil will pay off for both parent and child… Especially around nap time. BUTTERelixir baby is for all, without exception.

Ingredients: Avocado oil, Calendula oil, Tangerine essential oil.

Have you heard of BUTTERelixir?  If you’re into essential oils, this is a good pick, although a little pricey!  And you can’t beat the great skin, no harmful chemicals combo.  What do you think?

Fashionably Yours,








The Slippery Slope: Fall Into Great Skin

cocoa buttercoconut oil

Today I want to talk about 2 all-natural beauty products for my skin that I love–don’t sleep on it!

Have you ever wanted skin so soft, shiny and well-moisturized that when you went to get into the bed, you slid the heck right off of it? Well, even if you haven’t, Better Shea’s Pure Unrefined Cocoa butter is the best!  I have it on good authority that this is what Michelle Obama, Tina Turner and Beyonce are using on their infamous shiny gams!

It comes in a natural state–the block that’s shown above.  And the great thing about this company is that you can download an free all-natural recipe book which includes various uses for the Cocoa Butter.  Me personally, I’m a busy girl, and so I do the most basic–I slice off a few slivers and keep it in a bottle.  Prior to showering, I fill the sink full of hot water, and let the bottle sit in it while showering.  Once I’m out, it’s fully melted into it’s yummy oil form and ready to go!

I put this on my skin, and the shine and smoothness lasts until the next shower! It’s a little too oily for the face though. And the smell…ahhh…my husband tells me I smell like sugar cookies–don’t hate, participate!  It’s ahh-maze-ing! And with proper storage, this huge block lasts a century!

Now for those of you that don’t like to glisten like new pennies, my second choice is Coconut Oil.  I’m sure all of you have heard about everyone singing the praises of coconut oil, but ’tis true!  It’s really great for sensitive skin.  It soaks in really well, and this one is light enough that I can use it on my face.  Remember to get Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil so you can reap the many benefits this lovely natural product provides.

I found both of these products on Amazon for great prices!

Better Shea Organic Cocoa Butter

$18.50 USD

About the Product
  • Pressed from the roasted seeds of the Cacao trees grown in North America, our cocoa butter is organic and has a strong, all-natural cocoa scent. Some Cocoa Butter is processed and de-odorized (the odor is removed with one of several chemical processes). We keep our butter pure to preserve its nutrients and antioxidant properties.
  • BENEFITS AND COMMON USES: antioxidant, reduces stretch marks, skin smoothing, anti-aging. Essential ingredients for DIY lip balms, stretch marks creams, lotion bars, bath melts, body scrubs and more!
  • A free eBook of Body Butter Recipes is Included with your purchase to help you create your own wonderful skin and hair care products.
  • Exceptional customer service is our priority. Love our Cocoa Butter or choose between a full refund or a free replacement unit. Contact us via the Amazon Contact Seller option and we will get back to you within 12 hours.

Viva Labs Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

$15.00 USD

About the Product
  • Unrefined, extra-virgin, cold-pressed coconut oil
  • USDA certified organic, kosher and gluten free
  • Non-GMO project verified. Free of pesticides, bleach, hexane and trans fats.
  • Coconut Oil has a melting point at 76 degree Fahrenheit and may ship to you in solid or liquid form. It is still safe to consume if it is liquid or solid.
  • Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) for weight management and increased energy

Pssssssssssssst…..stay tuned for the giveaway!

Lalicious Sugar Kiss Body Butter

sugar kiss body butter

WILL WE BE FASHIONABLE?  I have really sensitive skin, and this is one of the few products which include fragrance that I can use with no difficulty.  I like that they aim to use natural ingredients.  It’s a sweet light fragrance, and it was one of my must-have items during my pregnancy–my baby bump loved it. We all know pregnant women have an aversion to smells–I couldn’t stand coffee and made my husband drink coffee only at work during the entire 9 months!

I still use it to this day, I really like the creamy consistency.  While it moisturizes well for the moment, I wouldn’t say it’s long-lasting, and I personally like to use it alongside some type of oil.  I used it with the Lalicious Sugar Kiss Body Oil and it appears as though they no longer make it, it hasn’t been featured on the site (gasps and cries and stomps foot and shouts NO FAIR)!  So if you’re looking for light, creamy and sweet, give it a shot!

I’m really curious about some of the other Lalicious products!   Have you heard of this brand and tried any of their products?  Let’s hear it!

$26.50 USD

Rejuvenate dry skin with this healing body treatment. Shea Butter and Safflower Oil provide intense hydration to seal in moisture while leaving skin silky smooth. Aloe Vera and Vitamin E nourish and protect to keep skin looking radiant from head to toe. Drench the body in this whipped cream of citrus, rose and vanilla for deliciously soft skin.