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Another Win for Taliah Waajid (Natural Hair) + a BOMB Lippie from a Small Company!


A few months ago, we talked about Taliah Waajid (read more here). To sum it up, I was new to the world of Ms. Waajid, but boy does she have some GREAT products!  Her Curly Hair Souffle is a staple in my son’s daily hair care regimen, and her Monoi Oil  is my main squeeze.

I alternate between Co-Washes, but the Creamy Curly Co-Wash is one of my regulars.  It smells amazing, and also has great slip which is a must during the detangling process.  It leaves my hair very shiny and well-moisturized!  The price tag is also good for a large amount!

Taliah Waajid’s Creamy Curly Co-wash is your all natural go to product when co-washing. The creamy curly co-wash gently cleanses the hair while also keeping the hair conditioned and hydrated. With Coconut and Aloe Vera as the highlight ingredients creamy curly co-wash is sure to get the job done


Another win for Taliah Waajid is the Curly Curl Cream!  I have to be honest, I think some of the other products from her line smell better-this one has a little more of a perfumey smell.  However, it does what it says it does, and for me, it worked very well with a twist out!  I have yet to try it with a wash-n-go, but I’m optimistic, as she can truly do no wrong at this point 🙂 !

Non-greasy cream that easily shampoos out with no build up

  • Helps to define curls and eliminate frizz
  • Conditions and nourishes hair by providing moisture and shine



new lipstick


Girrrrrrrrrrrl, look!  I have a new lippie that I want to tell you about.?!?!?!   This company gives Melt Cosmetics a run for their money for a fraction of the price (no shade), and you KNOW how I feel about my beloved Melt!  It’s a small company by the name of Kerry Kosmetics…you’re welcome!

kerry lipstick

So this color is called Rum Punch, and oh what an accurate name it ’tis!  It packs a mighty color punch and it is at the TOP of the highly pigmented ladder!  Additionally, it’s very matte, and Kerry Kosmetics has found the perfect combo of lipstick ingredients to make this lipstick very creamy!  It didn’t bleed, it lasted for hours and my lips never dried out.  It is seriously one of my favorite lipsticks to date!  You know how I feel about my bolds and my mattes!

kerry k3

It was seriously love upon first application!  It’s so bright that it almost looks fluorescent.  You only need a tad…

kerry lipstick4

I loved it so much that I had a photoshoot off of one lippie!  LOL!  The collage above was just taken in various lighting around the house, no actual filters.  I’m sold.  And that price though….

Intense, vibrant, matte color. My full-coverage formula glides on smoothly for mouth-watering, long-lasting, beautiful lips. Even though its a matte it will not dry your lips out.
(None of my lipsticks are tested on animals and the manufacturer is listed on the PETA safe list)



**I received these products complimentary in exchange for my honest review

So what do you ladies think?  I’m a fan for life of both companies, and I really hope I have the opportunity to show you more Kerry Kosmetic lippies!  It can only get better and better!


Fashionably Meek


Results: Hair La Vie Revitalizing Hair Blend

hair growth vitamins

Good evening!  So 2 months ago, I received a supply (2 months worth) of supplements from Hair La Vie for free in exchange for my honest review.  You may read more details about these supplements here in my previous post.

I took them as directed about everyday (missing a day here or there if I forgot).  You were also supposed to take 2 pills daily, 1 with each meal which I did for the most part :).   All-in-all I ended up taking the pills about 2 months plus a week.

What I noticed: In about 2 weeks from the time I started the pills, the condition of my hair changed drastically.  It was softer, stayed moisturized, very shiny, and my curls were more defined.

I eat a pretty healthy diet anyway, but prior to starting the pills, my water consumption wasn’t always up to par.  Well, when I began taking the vitamins, I drank tons of water.  Some might say that it was due to the increase in water, but  I’ve went through spells of upping my water intake before, and never noticed a change in my hair.

The only side-effect I had was urine discoloration–it was a florescent radioactive green.  TMI you might say?  I agree.  However, it’s my duty to give you the deetz.  You’re welcome!

I didn’t experience any acne, thank goodness, so I was especially glad for that.  And, I felt normal while taking them.  I’m a chicken and literally Googled researched every single ingredient.  I even contacted the company regarding one of the ingredients prior to taking them (click here for more information about that).

The results after 2 months of Hair La Vie:

hair la vie

It may not look like much because the shrinkage on natural hair is REAL.  However, look closssssely…it’s a LOT thicker.  The first photo is obviously filtered (thanks Insta), but you can see the hair looks more coarse and frizzy.  Now, for what you can’t easily see is… the growth!  I really wish I had stretched my hair out in the first picture, and did so in the follow-up photo.  Oh well, what is it that they say about hindsight?!  Grr.

My hair originally measured  2 1/2 inches across the top and the back was 3.  The new measurements are 4 inches across the top, and 4 1/2 across the back.  According to Wikipedia and other various sources, the average rate of hair growth is “about 1.25 centimetres or 0.5 inches per month, or about 15 centimetres or 6 inches per year.”  Therefore, I well surpassed that by sprouting out 1 1/2 inches of type 4 hair in 2 months, an average of 3/4 inch a month!  Whoop whoop!

What do you think?  I think it’s worth it.  It’s a great product, healthy formulation and no side-effects.  I don’t know my rate of hair growth prior to using this product, but I think it’s a win-win situation and worth a try if you’re looking for a hair growth supplement!


What supplements have you tried for hair growth?




DevaCurl & Colourpop


Good afternoon!  Is it summer yet?!?!  We have been passing around a cold cooties in our house for some DAYSSSSS now.  What is it about summer that makes you feel like you just can’t get sick?! 

So, surely everyone has heard of DevaCurl?  I was sooooooo happy to be provided with the opportunity to try these products free in exchange for my honest review on my natural hair!  Unfortunately, things didn’t go as I’d hoped.  But, I’m curious to hear what your experience was like with these products!

DevaCurl No-Poo : I did not like the smell of this product at all.  It’s strong, and a bit odd.  My hair felt clean after using, but it did feel quite dry.  On the plus side, it doesn’t have Sulfates, Parabens, Silicones and avoids all of the no-no stuff for natural hair, as with all of their products. 

No-Poo™ Zero Lather Conditioning Cleanser is the original, bestselling, non-lathering cleanser. Our sulfate-free, highly moisturizing conditioning cleanser stimulates, hydrates, and cleans the scalp and hair to reveal the healthiest, bounciest natural curls. Join the No-Poo Movement! 

DevaCurl One Condition: I hate to be a Negative Nelly, but I also did not like the smell of this either.  I’m going to go ahead and say that I honestly didn’t like the smell of any of the products, with the exception of the styling cream (which we will get into in a few).  I used this as a leave in and it was fine,  but really didn’t do anything magical for my hair.  Additionally, it didn’t soften it as much as I prefer.

One Condition will become your one and only. This rich, creamy daily conditioner delivers maximum hydration to all curl types.

I finished up my DevaCurl hair day with the Styling Cream and the Light Defining Gel.  The Styling Cream didn’t smell like the others, so that was a plus.  I used both together, and once my hair air-dried, boy was it DRY.  It also lacked shine and it was hard.  I think both are just not heavy enough to coat kinky hair.  But you may possibly like it if you prefer something REALLY light!

Light Defining Gel: This light-hold, moisturizing gel molds to the hair creating a moisture-protective barrier (we call that the Curl Cast) that sets curls while preventing frizz. With your unique curl shape intact, you’re sure to make ‘em Gel-ous

Styling Cream: An award winning, rich and creamy botanically-infused styler that nourishes curls while providing hold, definition and protection from frizz

As you’re probably guessing, DevaCurl didn’t work for my hair (which is in the 4 kinky family).  And, the smell didn’t tickle my fancy.  It smelled somewhat natural, but there’s a common denominator in 3 out of the 4 that’s strong to my senses.  With that being said, I am admittedly picky on scents, and if you’re in the 2 or 3 family, this may be a win for you!


hair type chart



Now on to makeup…..


I don’t think I’ll ever grow tired of confessing my love for Colourpop!  The price point is fire, the color is true to their website and it goes such a long way!  People complain of the dryness but just prep your lips first…and voila!

Dr. M. is from the bolder end of the spectrum!  Which I enjoy!


Dr M


What’s been your experience with DevaCurl?  And, what’s your Colourpop fave?


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Everyday Makeup Checklist & Bee Mine


go to makeup

So, I seem to gravitate towards using some of the same items regularly.  I always change my eyes and lippies, but I do have my favorites!!  What about you?  Here’s some members of my “glam squad”  what’s on my current everyday checklist:


Everyday Checklist &:

Eyeshadow: Melt Cosmetics: Blurr, Dark Matter & Promiscuous

Blush: Melt Cosmetics Love Sick eyeshadow

Lips: Sephora Rouge & RK By Kiss RML S13


Let’s also chat about some fun organic hair products I received for free in exchange for my honest review.  Will you Bee Mine?

bee mine

A tidbit about the company:  Made in small batches to ensure quality and beneficial to various hair textures, Bee Mine invites you to explore the many hair products and discover the one that will best help you!

First impression was that all of the products smell amazing!  The Juicy Moisturizing Daily Spritz is one of my favorites out of the group!  I’ve been spraying this on my hair daily in the morning to revitalize my curls, which are flat and look like they’ve been run over.  The spray leaves my hair soooo soft and shiny and springs my coils back into action!  I did try this once after I had washed my hair (while my hair was wet) and it was a bad idea, LOL.  My hair was HARD, so that was a fail.  And I’ve used it in conjunction with some other products and it left some residue on my hair.  But, as a standalone product, or used with Bee Mine products I’ve had great results!  This is going to be one of my staple products!

Bee Mine Juicy – Moisturizing Daily Spritz is an excellent moisturizer for curly, natural & relaxed hair. It is loaded with organic aloe vera juice, ayurvedic herbs and nourishing essential oils to stimulate the scalp and strengthen your tresses. Use daily as a mid day refresher bedtime moisturizing treatment

The Bee Mine Hair & Scalp Moisturizer is an oil blend.  I like the consistency of it, and that it’s on the thicker side (yet not too heavy).  I bet this could be used as a hot oil treatment which I’ll try sometime!

Bee Mine Bee Loved Hair & Scalp Moisturizer penetrates hair and scalp to deliver lasting moisture to your scalp and tresses for optimum growth potential. Vital vitamins, nutrients and essential oils to keep your hair and scalp it’s healthiest.  Great for those preferring an oil based lotion.

You can use Deja’s Hair Milk to defrizz, moisturize on damp hair, natural heat protectant on normal heat products, as a second day refresher, detangler or leave in. For all hair types.  This worked well on my 4c hair and keeps it soft/shiny!

I used BEE U TI FUL Moisturizing deep conditioner after I cowashed with one of my staple products, and had no complaints whatsoever!  It gave some A+ slip for detangling!

BEE•U•Ti•FUL Moisturizing Deep Conditioner; our first protein-free deep conditioner that helps to detangle your hair and provide excellent manageability. This deep conditioner is made with creamy and emollient Cupuacu butter, to promote smooth and soft hair while boosting the rebirth of the hair’s natural moisture and elasticity. Highly beneficial for dry and damaged hair. BEE•U•Ti•FUL also provides some protection from damaging UV-A and UV-B rays and helps to restore shine and moisture to stressed hair.

The conditioner is a little on the pricey side, but the price point isn’t bad for these products!  I’ve enjoyed the way my hair looks using them and I’m sucker for organic! Will you give them a whirl or have you already?  What was your experience?

Click Here for Bee Mine Organics



Fashionably Meek




Products for Natural Hair: Taliah Waajid

Have you ever heard of Taliah Waajid’s natural hair products?  I hadn’t, but it’s possible I’ve been living under a rock!

A little about Taliah:

For over 25 years Taliah Waajid has seviced and educated thousands of her clients and many consumers on the benefits of chemical-free hair care.  Taliah is a Natural Hair Care specialist, a licensed Master cosmetologist and the manufacturer of the first complete line of products for natural, chemical-free hair care.  Taliah Waajid is also the presenter of the largest consumer trade show that celebrates natural hair, health and beauty.  

So, when I received some products to try for free in exchange for my honest review, I was super excited!  It sounds like she knows her stuff!

monoi-oil-serum_1I truly cannot stress to you how AMAZING this Shea-Cocoa Monoi Oil smells!  It gives great shine and is on the thicker side, which is great for my kinky hair!  I’ve used this once daily for a while now, and it’s pretty much replaced my beloved Jamaican Black Castor Oil.  It’s also amazing for moisture retention after washing! 2 thumbs (and at least 4 toes) up!  Made with 100% natural ingredients!

  • Taliah Waajid’s Monoi Oil is an all-natural serum that mends split ends and helps reverse damage to the hair.
  • Monoi Oil also is great for adding shine and eliminating frizz.


style creamShea-Coco Natural Hair Style Cream is specifically designed for 3C to 4C hair and is made with 97% natural ingredients.  I am in the 4 family (see Andre Walker’s hair typing system) and it definitely quenches my hair’s thirst.  I need to play around with this one a little more for some better curl definition, maybe pairing with some EcoStyler or trying with a twist-out (I have been using this as a wash-n-go product).  Additionally, another great smelling product!

  • Holds natural styles longer
  • Optimum shine and softness
  • Great for smoothing and holding hair


curl souffleShea-Coco Curly Hair Souffle is designed for 2C-4A hair, and my son is in the 3-4A family.  It has worked absolutely amazing on his hair, and is very light!  It doesn’t provide buildup, it’s gentle enough that it doesn’t irritate his skin and it’s made with 98% natural ingredients…bonus!  It keeps his curls bouncy, moist and frizz-free!

  • A luscious creamy styler infused with natural ingredients.
  • Adds curl definition without weighing down your hair.
  • Provides moisture ad controls frizz and leaves hair feeling soft and manageable.
  • Best on medium to thick natural hair textures.

son's hair

Son’s hair after a wash and go –picture just doesn’t do it justice, fab! 😉


So what do you think?  I really enjoyed these products, and they’re worth a whirl for sure.  Were you familiar with this product line?  The price point isn’t bad and I love the fact that she has LOTS of products to choose from in accordance to hair type!

Click Here for Taliah Waajid hair products

Fashionably Yours,







#Teamnaturalhair (Great Products)!

product junkie

Natural hair seems to make you a bit of a product junky in the beginning!  Or, at least it does, me!  You’re trying to find which products work great for your hair, which combination of products etc.  Once you think you’ve found “the ones” you hear of another product, and that tiny little voice with the afro pick inside your head makes you wonder if you should try another product line.  I’m hip to it!

Although it sounds daunting, it’s really great fun!  Especially when you stumble upon a great product line like Mielle Organics (which uses all-natural ingredients, my fave)!  I received products free in exchange for my honest review, and I absolutely couldn’t wait to talk about these products with you!


I got the party started with the Babassu Conditioning Shampoo!  It lathered a lot and had a light, almost citrus-like smell.  My hair felt squeaky clean after using.  It says it is for dry and curly hair types and my hair would be exactly both of those, LOL!

Our rich Babassu Deep conditioning Shampoo for dry and curly hair types contains gentle botanically derived surfactants and rich moisturizing agents to soften, moisturize and strengthen the hair.

Babassu oil is derived from an amazonian palm fruit that is high sterols and and tocopherols. A naturally derived surfactant from corn starch glucose which contain naturally fatty alcohol for moisture.

A high foaming power which improves the conditioning of the shampoo, without stripping the hair leaving it soft and moisturized. Almond protein provides strength and elasticity. Hibiscus extract provides shine and manageability.



Now this is where heaven began!  Babassu Oil Mint Deep Conditioner was literally the  I can’t remember the last time I felt something SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO delightful upon thy scalp.  That tingle!!!!  So soothing!  I left this on with a processing cap for about 30 minutes.  I wanted to leave it on for the rest of my life!

Our new Babassu oil and Mint Deep conditioning protein/moisture replenisher will restore dry and damaged hair. This native Amazonian palm fruit is high in sterols and tocopherols which are healthy for the hair and scalp.

Enriched with fatty acids that provide a rich softness to the hair. Derived from natural oils and cetearyl alcohol which helps reduce frizz and fly-aways. This deep conditioner is filled with two complex amino acids from wheat, soy and other natural sources that actually mimic the function of hair amino acids helping to restore the function and moisture to damaged and dry hair.

Safe to use on color treated hair.


Once I rinsed this out, I finished with my own leave in and then used the Moisturizing Avocado Milk for styling.  The results of it all? Literally the best results I’ve gotten from any natural hair product to date.  My hair was super soft and curl pattern well defined (I’m thinking I have a mix of 4b and 4c hair).  I didn’t know who the heck Babassu was, but apparently, it does some wonders to the hair…yasss!  I seriously cannot wait to use these products again, although since it’s a protein conditioner and I want to avoid Protein Overload as well as I’m doing the co-wash thing in lieu of shampoo, I’ll be using sparingly.  However, I’ve continued to use the Avocado Milk daily, and I love!  Light, smells great and a great moisturizer and curl/style refresher.

Hydration and moisture for dry thirsty hair. Hydrating extract blend, filled with botanicals, certified organic ingredients. The Ultra moisturizing hair milk to fully add moisture and shine.

So what do you know about this company?  I wasn’t familiar, and it looks as though they released their first product in 2014.  Have you tried any of their products?  I loved them!!!

Regimen for the Hair Naturalista, What’s Yours?

staple products

Hey all!  So, I’ve been rocking my natural locks for a minute–I went completely natural with my final big chop at the very end of October (see previous post on big chop).  And while I’m noooooooooooooo expert by far (hair groups, forums and Google are our friends), I have learned what products my hair seems to enjoy!  Additionally, the trial and error–although frustrating at times–is SO much fun!  I also thought it would be fun to compare regimens…what’s yours?




As I Am Coconut Co-wash is all the rage these days.  I first tried it while transitioning (I only tried transitioning about 3 weeks and said SCREW THIS), and my hair HATED it.  I looked like a matted dry mess.  I recently revisited this and I’ve fallen in love!  My hair stays moisturized really well!  I co-wash twice a week and use As I am Shampoo to clarify once a month.

Once I’m done co-washing or shampooing, approximately every 2-3 weeks I use Aphogee 2 minute Keratin Reconstructor!  Now this makes the biggest difference to me in my hair!  I didn’t start off using this product, but wow is it amazing!  It restores the health of the hair, and if you color treat or have any type of damage (or if you really just haven’t done a protein treatment) you should REALLY try one.  You do have to be careful of protein overload, so it should be used sparingly.  It really helps your curl pattern to pop and makes your hair so soft, but you MUST follow with a deep conditioner.

My fave by far is As I Am Elation Hydration Conditioner.  I leave this on with a processing cap for about an hour.  Rinse out, and then I use As I am Leave-in Conditioner.

Every morning and night I spritz my hair with a bottle of water mixed with errrrthang in my “linen” closet which is just really full of beauty products.  It’s a collaboration of wild growth oil, tea tree oil, As I am leave-in, JBCO with Rosemary and whatever the hell else I feel like adding to it, LOL.  I like to change this up!

I oil my scalp every 2 days with a mixture Wild Growth Oil and Jamican Black Castor Oil and I style with Cantu Curling Cream.  Whew!  Sure looks like a lot when all written out doesn’t it?  Ha!  But I think I’ve had good growth so far!

hair growth

left 10/31, middle 12/19, far right 1/21

What’s even more annoying funnier is that my son, who has TONSSSSSSSSSSS of beautiful natural hair, uses COMPLETELY different products. LOL!

son's hair

It’s truly just about finding what works for you…so back to that question, what do you use?

Fashionably Yours,