Stay in Shape This Holiday Weekend: The BEST FREE Workout App!

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Howdy friends!  Boy, I must admit, it’s been HARD for me to sit down and blog as of late.  Am I the only one?!  Spring represents my FAVORITE time of year in Missouri.  From outdoor festivals which I lOVE, to outdoor exercise– biking, hiking, jogging, walking…anything that involves sweat, sunshine and movement!  So, thanks for sticking with me!

As you know, Memorial Day is quickly approaching!  While Memorial Day is one of the special days in which we remember those who have so bravely served in our military, it also is the first major kickoff to the spring and summer-ish season…the pool opens…YAY (side note, I can’t swim for shit, but that’s a whole ‘nother story)!

Soooooo I’m here to help you stay on track while you’re out slopping down food at barbeques this weekend.  I wanted to share my absolute FAVORITE (free) exercise appSWORKIT!

This thing is pretty amazing! There is a huge variety of workouts for your pleasure, and you may set each workout for the amount of time you wish.  Let’s be honest, I highly doubt you can be physically fit in 5 minutes, and if you can, please tell me?!?!  So, I’m always going longer than that.  Butttttt, exercsising some is better than none!  The custom workout option is offered for pay, but really, I don’t see why on earth you would spend an additional penny when these workouts are so bomb on their own!


The workouts are very challenging, and for the days when you don’t feel like murdering yourself (similar to  Shaun T Insanity Workout-like), you can slow it down with some yoga (which is still equally as challenging).  What I also like about Sworkit is that each exercise provides a “live” illustration.


For those that need to be reminded, there’s an option for this.  It sucks though, and would be the only downfall to this app.  It reminds me only after I’ve completed my workout, and it’s hard to snooze–it reminds me off and on several times, LOL!  BUT, once you finally get that sucker silenced…it’s worth it!

So how do you stay in shape?  What’s your favorite free fitness app?


Fashionably Meek


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