Outside the Box: Hoochie-Mama Wedding Wear


It’s spring and lovvvvvvvvve is in the air!  Two of my friends have upcoming nuptials this year and it got me to daydreaming and thinking…what if I was getting married on a beach somewhere?  Or somewhere casual where it’s hot and sunny and shorts would be the bizness?  Yes, yes, I’m already married.  My wedding was faboo and I wore a traditional gown which I loved!  But originally we wanted to get married in Florida on the beach…


Do any of you girls daydream like this and play the what if game? Oh, you don’t?  Well, you’re in luck–since I do, I’m going to share with you some of my recent findings!  Let’s play…Let’s Get Married (thank you Jagged Edge), spring, 2016!!!!


The Behind Bars Romper is super cute and casual!  Not too skanky for the faint at heart, but just the right amount of sexy pizzaz!

  • Draped Back with Caged Insert
  • Embroidered Armhole Detailing
  • Fully Lined
  • 100% Polyester




Oh, so you’re not a virgin you say?  No worries.  You don’t have to wear white.  Here’s a sexy little Ivory number entitled Summer Romance Romper for your viewing pleasure!  I like how this one tricks the eye into believing that it’s a skirt!  But low and behold, it’s shorts.  Werk!

Also available in Black and Yellow

  • V Neckline
  • Lace Top
  • Line Bottom
  • Crossed Back
  • 100% Nylon



Very simple, but with a sexy peek-a-boo midriff, the Dove-Like Romper would make a landing to remember!  Jazz it up with some strapy heels or if it’s beachy, flat, sparkly silver sandals.

  • Crochet Contrast
  • Zipper Back
  • Lined
  • 100% Polyester



You a member of the “I hate my legs crew” but still got a hot bod and like to flaunt it?  Then maybe the Neck Deep Jumpsuit is your choice of poison.  This sucker is unforgiving though, and you better make sure you’ve got some lineless undies!  Ijs!



So, what do you think ladies?  I hope you’ve thoroughly enjoyed your trip down what-if-I-didn’t-wanna-wear-a-wedding-dress lane!  Have you ever purchased anything from this site?  They have a lot of amazing fashion!

Fashionably Meek,



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