Spring Lookout: Beauty Items of Interest

The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and the snow is blowing…**record skips**.  Or, at least that’s what it was like in Kansas City, Missouri on Easter Sunday.  And yes, all of the above in one day!  Gotta love the Midwest! Hopefully, the weather will make up its mind and stick to the concept of spring!

Here are some beauty items of interest amuse you, entice you or to get your mojo up and running…





These soft pastels are screaming for some willing tootsies!  I normally like a bit of a bolder color on my toes, but these are light enough to work well with many outfits!  What do you think?

like the sun, fashion burns hotter in Florida. the six shades in essie’s newest collection reflect the spirit of Spring in chic retreats like Palm Beach. striking the perfect balance between fashion forward and retro-glamour, this collection is bold, bright and up for anything.

**Essie is available in most drugstores, nail salons and favorites like Target.



Insert amusement here: Has anyone heard of Period Panteez?

So, if you’re sick of wearing brands like Tampax, Kotex and the like, and want to be a trendsetter, buy yourself some slick bloomers/biking shorts/period girdles that I quote from their website gives you the hug you need  during your period.  Everyone loves hugs, right?  Just when you think you’ve seen a jogger in jogging shorts….guess what?  They may really be Period Panteez with a crop top!  Period Panteez are said to provide the following:

  • a soft, natural, moisturie wicking inner layer for ultimate comfort
  • an innermost, leak-resistant pad shaped layer for protection
  • a stretchy outer layer that acts as shapwear and helps cramps (bish, wear?!)
  • a plush, extra soft waistband for extra comfort and support
I’m sure you’d rather spend $42.00 (currently on sale for $28) on these sexy numbers instead of boring ole Victoria Secret!
  • The Original, Patented Period Panty
  • Soft, moisture wicking inner layer
  • Innermost, leak-resistant pad-shaped layer for protection
  • Stretchy outer layer that acts as shapewear and helps cramps!
  • Plush, extra soft waistband
  • Provide maximum coverage and support
  • Machine washable, Eco-friendly
  • 100% Money-back Guarantee!
  • Hassle-free exchanges & returns
  • As Seen in Martha Stewart Living
  • As Seen in Health Magazine
  • Prevent pad displacement and no-chafing
  • Engineered to relieve cramps and bloating
  • Breathable, Made in the USA from hand-picked, fine quality fabrics
  • Prevent sleepless nights, costly accidents, and period nightmares
  • Boost confidence and peace of mind
  • Save money and embarrassment
  • Superior quality; Will last for years
  • Don’t settle for cheap imitations
  • Give you just the hug you need
  • As Seen on The Real Talk Show
  • As Seen in Martha Stewart Weddings
elf glow lip tint
I thought E.L.F. Gotta Glow Lip Tint was pretty cool for you pretty in pink girls!
This innovative lip tint reacts with the chemistry of your lips to deliver a personalized, perfect shade of pink! The ethereal hue gives a sheer flush of color that enhances the natural beauty of your lips. The gel based formula glides on smoothly and is infused with Shea Butter to moisturize and nourish.
urban decay
Urban Decay has a new Essentials Eye Kit that looks pretty snazzy!

Nail a range of looks with Urban Essentials Eye Kit—loaded with three shades of our iconic Eyeshadow and three creamy, waterproof 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils (all full size). There’s even a deluxe sample of Eyeshadow Primer Potion!

With a set this versatile (in a mix of neutrals and purples), the possibilities are endless. For longer wear, start with Eyeshadow Primer Potion. Where you go from there is up to you. These cult-favorite shades work on any skin tone, so you can’t go wrong. Create neutral daytime looks, smoky nighttime looks and everything in between.

This kit is filled with iconic products that really deliver. Eyeshadow Primer Potion incorporates space-age polymer technology that fills in any imperfections on the skin’s surface, prepping your lids for all-day shadow. Each shade of Eyeshadow features our Pigment Infusion System™, a proprietary blend of ingredients that gives the formula its velvety texture, rich color, serious staying power and blendability. And the waterproof 24/7 Eye Pencils deliver long-lasting color with a dreamy, creamy feel.

Rather than placing all these products in a boring box, we created a mini version of one of our coveted vault sets. The result? A collector’s set that’s worthy of display on your vanity. The outer sleeve features rich, prismatic artwork in purples, pinks and neutrals. Inside, an elegant black box with an inner tray and a magnetic closure keeps all the products in place.

loreal root cover upAre your gray hairs telling all of your business?  Maybe it’s time to use L’Oréal’s Root Cover Up.  Spray this concoction on your roots in between dye jobs to silence them up!  It comes in 6 different shades to match your crown in all its glory! As of now, I only have about 4 gray hairs (knocks on wood).  However, I’d likely be terrified to use this, remember when I tried Jerome Russell’s Temr’y spray and spent 50 years on the potty?  Click Here for Previous Post
Our New Root Cover Up conceals grays in seconds for flawless roots. Get seamless coverage with a lightweight, no smudging or sticky residue when dry, that’s ammonia and peroxide free. Perfect for in between color or salon visits. Lasts until your next shampoo.
 What do you think, have you tried any of these, or are you interested in doing so?
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