Four-Eyed Beauty: Zenni Optical + New Makeup

four eyes

How many of you Beauty Queens are sight challenged?  While I’d like to say that I wear my eyeglasses strictly for cosmetic purposes, I have to admit, I need a seeing-eye-dog.  Not really, and no offense to those of you that do!  But in all seriousness I have astigmatisms on top of my astigmatisms!!!  My glasses are terribly expensive.  Additionally, I have to pay extra for the lenses that look thin!

True story alert, one time at Eyemasters, (now Visionworks), I took my glasses that I had just gotten back to the counter, complaining that they didn’t make my glasses featherweights like I’d asked for.  Well, to my embarrassment, those WERE the featherweights! LOL!

Thank goodness, either glasses have evolved since then, or maybe my sight has improved, but my glasses aren’t nearly that thick anymore.  Yay, me!

Which brings me to my point, we must have great eyewear to go with great makeup!  Who has heard of or ordered from Zenni Optical? I have a couple of  cousins that hipped me to them a years ago, and I haven’t looked back!

The cost of frames are literally bomb! Additionally, when you sign up for their newsletter, you get 10% off your purchase…sweet!

Zenni’s website is very easy to navigate, and you can view lenses according to style, gender and more! They have frames that literally start at $6.95.  Yes, you heard me…$6.95.  And, it’s not like the discount rack at the store when you’ve said to yourself “damn, no wonder this ish is on clearance!” These are cute, quality frames.  I’ve ordered several pair, they arrive quickly with regular shipping, and are in pristine condition.

Once you’ve selected your frames and enter your prescription, the rest is easy peezy!


  • + FREE Anti-Scratch Coating
  • + FREE Thin & Light Single Vision Lens
  • + FREE UV Protection
  • + FREE Hard Case & Cleaning Cloth
  • + SHIPPING: Pay shipping on the first item only. Additional items in the same order ship FREE.


They have so many options for your actual lenses themselves and they even provide you with the suggested lenses that work best with your prescription.  Best part, you can use an old prescription.  I am not advocating this!  I go get an exam, take my exam home and then order from Zenni.  Do I do this every year?  Well….but dammit, if you’re lazy and like great eyewear, then……  Oh, and the second best part?  You can use your Flexible Spending Account.  Are you sold yet?  Go!



New Makeup Alert….

loreal makeup lotion

Sublime Bronze™ Summer Express Wash-Off Lotion creates an even, streak-free sunless tan instantly, no commitment needed. Our bronzing lotion’s transfer and sweat resistant formula offers all day hydration for skin that feels as flawless and smooth as it looks. Color-correcting pigments instantly soften and perfect. Tan washes off with soap and water; skin returns to its original color.

pro mattepro matte 2pro matte 3

A Pro-Matte Revolution: Introducing Infallible Pro-Matte Gloss, our 1st whipped matte gloss. Intense high pigment shades create lasting matte color. Lush velvety texture feels soft for all day comfort. With the pro-sculpt applicator, shape and add dimension to lips. **available in 10 shades





Fashionably Yours,



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