Staying Fashionable with Tara Lynn’s Boutique


Have you heard of Tara Lynn’s Boutique?  I first became aware of them on Instagram.  They have some amazing, unique pieces, some of which I want to share with you today!  One must always have bomb clothes to go with cute makeup, right? I received the opportunity to wear these in exchange for my honest review, so be looking for that post in the upcoming months!  However, because it’s currently cold as heck in Missouri, I can’t sport the clothing now…waaaa!

So here’s a little backstory on them:

It all started with a little too much online shopping and a love for fashion.  Growing up in the great state of Louisiana, I was raised with Southern values which are prominent in my everyday life.

 With the ever growing expenses of raising children, I wanted to do something to help out.  Laying in bed one night, I came up with what I thought was the perfect solution.  With lots of prayers, I suggested the idea to my husband.  To my surprise he agreed to indulge my “crazy idea” of an online boutique.

 Within months the boutique became a huge success and continues to grow by leaps and bounds.  Now my friends shop at my site, instead of my closet.

 Tara Lynn’s offers quality clothing at affordable prices.  We strive to be the place that every woman thinks to check for the latest trends.  We are always designing new items for the ever changing fashion trends. 

Now to the good stuff! Let’s take a look.  I want to spotlight skirts/dresses because I’m obsessed with them and hope it makes spring and summer come even faster!  🙂

black and white striped skirt 1black and white striped skirt 2 I love this striped skirt, and it looks great paired with this denim shirt.  I find this skirt so versatile, you could dress it up with heals or wear it casually with some flats and a red tee!  It would even be cute with some ankle boots and tights for winter.


tulle midiHave you tried a tulle midi yet?  I have not, I tried on a tulle skirt a while back and I didn’t think it was flattering on my figure.  However, I may revisit one, and I do love the look of them!  This one comes in navy, red and black–so cute!  And reasonably priced!  I’d like to pair this with a tank and a cropped jean jacket!


unique skirt 2unique skirt I wanted to share this for the sheer uniqueness of this piece.  I love!  I like the way this Pops of Color skirt looks with this striped top and I would probably wear it with a simple tight hot pink V-neck and maybe some gladiator sandals?  What do you think, are you bold enough to wear this?


bohemian maxibohemian maxi 2  Another unique piece, this Bohemian Maxi has such a pretty color combination.  It also comes in an additional shade, but this one is my favorite.  I think the wide-cut neck makes this a sexy number, without showing too much!  I haven’t worn anything like this personally, and it would be stepping outside of my comfort zone due to the pattern and length. But it’s SO pretty and sophisticated, at least it is on the model! Ha!  And, it’s currently sold-out, so it must be pretty popular.  What do you think?


chevronchevron 2This Chevron Maxi is more my speed.  The pockets look great and  I love the way that it’s cinched in the waist–flattering and makes for a good ole hour-glass shape!  The mint is my favorite color, but it comes in coral (shown) as well as black, gray/mint, which is also SUPER cute as well as gray.



Click Here for Tara Lynn’s Boutique

Do you think you’ll be trying anything from this company?  Some of the clothing is on the pricey side, but it’s good quality and they also have some items on the lower-end of the spectrum.  Do you like what you see?










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