Air Pollution and Aging Skin

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I was recently browsing through  Shape Magazine, and ran across an interesting article I thought I’d share.  What can you do to keep your skin faboo besides not smiling? Here’s the condensed/paraphrased version:

Scientists who explore the link between pollution and skin problems have found that particulate matter causes oxidative stress in the skin.  The result is that damaging molecules like free radicals overwhelm your defense mechanisms which can lead to premature aging.

Wow!  That’s exciting!  LOL!

So here’s what the magazine suggests can be done:

-Wash your skin every single night…check!  Gunk has accumulated on your skin all day and you don’t want to sleep with that crap on your face.

-Apply a topical antioxidant such as Vitamin C or something that contains ferulic acid.  This helps your skin to fight back against these pollutants!

-Use a moisturizer that contains Niacinamide (I had no clue what that was either, so click on the hyperlink to learn more).  I also don’t know if any of my moisturizers contain this, but here’s to keeping my fingers crossed that they do! 😉

-Use a mineral based sunscreen which protects against the devil UV rays.

So, I need to do some checking on the ingredient lists.  Are you following all of these steps?  It all make sense, however, is this overkill?  Or, are all these steps necessary for great skin?






9 thoughts on “Air Pollution and Aging Skin

  1. kateyhal

    I think these steps are important. My mum always told me to wash my face every night, use moisturiser with SPF in it and to use anti-wrinkle cream around my eyes. I’ve been doing this since I was 17…My Oma told my mum to do the same, and if I say so myself, my mum has pretty good skin for her age.

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