Odd Cool Product, Wish List & a Tip

boot trees

I’m a shoe fan, are you?  I have rows upon rows of boots, tennis shoes and sandals.  Have you ever heard of My Boot Trees?  I hadn’t.  Seems like there’s a product out there for everything now, doesn’t it?!  Gone are the days where you have to stuff your shoes full of newspaper so they don’t lose shape.  That’s where My Boot Trees come in!  And, I’m happy to share with you what I’ve learned by receiving this product for free in exchange for my honest review!

MAKE YOUR CLOSET AWESOME: That’s what happens when you use My Boot Trees(R). We have combined total functionality with a touch of style and a major cuteness factor. Each pair comes with tie-on wood tags for personalization.

LIFETIME GUARANTEE: This means that if your pair of My Boot Trees expires early for any reason (outside of deliberate damage), WE WILL REPLACE THEM, ABSOLUTELY FREE. Yes, that’s right, FOR FREE. FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. We also guarantee your satisfaction, or your money back.

PERFECT FOR BOOT STORAGE AND CLOSET ORGANIZATION: My Boot Trees act like Boot Shapers and Boot Stands, helping prevent your boots from falling over on each other and getting damaged. They work great on men’s and women’s short and tall boots, UGGs and Cowboy Boots alike. Similar to shoe trees, they help your boots retain their form and make storing them a lot easier, and nicer. They improve circulation within your boots to prevent odors and help prolong their life.

EACH PAIR CAN ALSO BE CUSTOMIZED. Each pair comes with two, black tie-on wood tags that you can write names, nicknames (or whatever you want) on for custom personalization. Silver or gold metallic markers, Chalk Markers and Paint Pens write very well on them. My Boot Trees are lightweight (only 5.5oz each) so you can even take them when you travel.

The boots I used them in were pretty tall, and the boot trees didn’t stick out of the top like this.  But it maintains the shape of them really well, they stood up without tipping over, and I don’t have to worry about folds and crinkles!   I received a pair in camo, and they are so cute!  Not bad for $19.99 a pair, although, I would likely be bankrupt if I bought a pair for all of my boots.  But certainly a good investment for your favorite ones, or most expensive pair, as well as a cute, unique gift!  And, great for storing them when winter is over–what do you think?

Click Here for My Boot Trees


wish list

I’ve concluded that I’m always and forever going to have a wish list.  I wonder do millionaires have these?  Or, once you strike it rich, are you taste buds satisfied?  Until I make it there, I’ve added these things I would be interested in trying:

revlon mascara NEW Revlon Ultimate All-In-One Mascara!  Why?  Well because it says that it has 5 benefits in one and it’s a drugstore product!  LOL!  Side note: I’m still SWOONING over Benefit Cosmetics They’re real Mascara.  I’ve had the time to properly use it, and wowsa, is it the bomb (see previous post regarding benefit mascara).  That ish is magic!  But I’m a girl on a budget.  Can this mascara match up?

Our innovative, high-impact formula delivers 5 lash-transforming benefits, while our Revlon Power Mini Brush™ leaves no lash behind. Choosing the one has never been so simple.
• High impact formula delivers the ultimate 5 benefits in 1:
– Volume
– Length
– Definition
– Lift
– Intense Color
• Revlon Power Mini Brush™:
– Unique mini oval shape designed to reach every lash
– Hollow core designed to deposit formula for mega lash impact



I’m a self-admitted lazy nail polisher.  I just hate when they chip, and then I have to touch up or do over.  BLECK!  But, I keep my tootsies polished, because they’re ugly they look better with polish.  Remember when gel nails stepped on the scene?  Great shine, long lasting, and then you had to finish up under the light?  No Mas!  Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel comes in some great shades and promises the following:

2 Steps

  • Up to 14 Days of Color & Shine
  • Easy Removal
  • No Light Needed
  • The Next Best Thing to a Salon Gel Manicure!


rock nude palettes

I don’t think I’ll ever have enough eyeshadow.  It’s my one true makeup weakness.  I love this palette!  Some of the first couple of shades may be a little too light for my skin tone, but the middle and last shades will make up for it, please and thank you!  Do you like this Maybelline Rock Nudes Palette?

Dare to rock nude with this 12-shade eye shadow palette edited for edge
Sultry, brooding, daring-whatever your mood demands, this 12-shade palette will deliver the ultimate smoky rock nude look

pimple Man, every pimple feels like the biggest one on earth!  And you feel like no matter where it’s at, everyone is focusing in on that bad boy.  Well, did you know, per Cosmopolitan, that an icepack and Visine is the cure for pimple-itus?

Put an icepack directly on the spot then remove at 15 second intervals for a few minutes to help bring down inflammation and reduce its size.

Visine helps to take the redness out of the skin (just as it does the eyes) by constricting blood vessels.

Hmmm…worth a shot for sure!  So, have you tried any Maybelline eyeshadows before?  I don’t think I have purchased any recently.  How do you like the pigment and blending with them? 

Have you tried Sally Hansen’s gel polish or the All-In-One Mascara? 

Purchasing some boot trees anytime soon?


Meek.  XO!


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