Valentine’s Day Fashion: Ladies in Red

So Valentine’s Day is around the corner–what are your plans?  Sexy dressy date on the town? Expensive dinner, limo, and the tango by candlelight in an upscale fancy building with vaulted ceilings rented out by your honey?  Sweet!

Me?  I’m a homebody mostly.  As long as I’m spending it with my lover and sweet baby then I’m good!  But that doesn’t mean we can’t fantasize about what we WOULD wear should we happenstance upon some sweet fancy night!  And these…ladies and gents…are my Instagram ladies in red!


King Kylie!  Say what you want about this young girl and her fake pout (which I happen to love by the way), but her fashion game is strong!



J-Lo!   Damn, I’ll have WHATEVER she’s having.  J-Lo is 4,000 b.c. years old and can rock a sexy bondage dress like nobody’s biz!


amber rose

Muva, Amber Rose!   And, if you don’t like it, you better not tweet about it, because Muva doesn’t play on twitter!  Ask, Kanye and his…ahem…rump



Taraji P. Henson is almost showing her cookies in this getup, but wouldn’t this be cute with some jeans and heels?


alyssa milano

Alyssa Milano is giving me church-life in this dress!  But, I do love this classy beauty and maybe you’re not a natural born, undercover, wannabe hoochie like myself!  Jazz it up with some strappy heels!



Ashanti!   Yes, mama!  Just be cute, and don’t sing!  She’s sharing those big gams with us, and I love a wintery, sexy dress!  Although, I’m sure that dress is providing NO warmth.  Who cares!  Yasssss!  Simple and cute!


gab union

Gabrielle Union!  I would love this dress more if it were a skanky fitted midi, but it’s got appeal for sure!


makeup shayla

And you know how I feel about Slayla!  Thick curvy girls unite!  Makeupshayla doesn’t disappoint in this crop and midi combo! **claps, curtseys and bows***


Now, back to the real world, what will you be wearing for Valentine’s Day?



Happy Friday!  Fashionably Yours,








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