Butter Me Up: Keeping Your Skin Soft


Good Ole Paula Dean!  LOL.  Whooooo makes these?  Have I got your attention?  Good.  No, I’m not talking about stick butter, although wouldn’t that be interesting as hell?  I know someone (me, me, me) would jump on the bandwagon with a quickness if I read a good article listing the benefits of slathering my skin with some kitchen butter!  But I’ve got one better for you, as I was sent some products free in exchange for my honest review.  Let’s chat…


BUTTERelixir-baby-600x600BUTTERelixir was created by 3 yogis who wanted something moisturizing for their skin after they practiced yoga.  Fast forward, and BUTTERElixir was created!  And of course it’s my fave–all de naturale (okay, you caught me, so I’m not bi-lingual)…

The smell?  Light and citrusy!  I smelled oranges when I first opened it which honestly isn’t my favorite smell for skin, but it wasn’t off-putting at all.  After my shower while my skin was still wet, I used Butter Elixir Baby all over (this sounds like the beginning of a naughty movie, I’ve revised this sentence like 3 times).  LOL!

It really felt great on my skin.  It’s light yet moisturizing.  And the smell dissipated very quickly but the soft sheen remained…my skin felt great the rest of the night! This would be a great one for summer time!

Light and ingenuous, BUTTERelixir baby is a concise and delicate formula that was designed to be gentle enough for the skin of everyone, including little ones. A trifecta of skin soothers work in tandem to soften, and invigorate the skin and the senses. Avocado Oil, embedded with a high ratio of proteins, fats, sterolin, lecithin and potassium, is a powerful carrier of hydration and stimulation that liberally supplies nutrients topically. The oil from this fruit is absorbed by the skins derma layer and is capable of penetrating much deeper than the surface. A powerful oil on its own, when paired with Calendula oil it tenderly addresses the skin and scalp with its comforting touch. Together the dynamic duo of Avocado oil and Calendula oil are pious enough to envelope the skin of oneself and those we love the most. The enlivening notes of tangerine dance subtly in the divine formula to uplift the spirit and senses. The scent of citrus rounds out the spirit leaving the skin not only refreshed and hydrated, but happy. The soothing qualities of the oil will pay off for both parent and child… Especially around nap time. BUTTERelixir baby is for all, without exception.

Ingredients: Avocado oil, Calendula oil, Tangerine essential oil.

Have you heard of BUTTERelixir?  If you’re into essential oils, this is a good pick, although a little pricey!  And you can’t beat the great skin, no harmful chemicals combo.  What do you think?

Fashionably Yours,









7 thoughts on “Butter Me Up: Keeping Your Skin Soft

  1. David Morrison

    Oh wow ! I so want to try this !

    On Wed, Feb 3, 2016 at 2:26 PM, Fashionably Meek wrote:

    > Fashionably Meek posted: ” Good Ole Paula Dean! LOL. Whooooo makes > these? Have I got your attention? Good. No, I’m not talking about stick > butter, although wouldn’t that be interesting as hell? I know someone (me, > me, me) would jump on the bandwagon with a quickness if I re” >



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