Regimen for the Hair Naturalista, What’s Yours?

staple products

Hey all!  So, I’ve been rocking my natural locks for a minute–I went completely natural with my final big chop at the very end of October (see previous post on big chop).  And while I’m noooooooooooooo expert by far (hair groups, forums and Google are our friends), I have learned what products my hair seems to enjoy!  Additionally, the trial and error–although frustrating at times–is SO much fun!  I also thought it would be fun to compare regimens…what’s yours?




As I Am Coconut Co-wash is all the rage these days.  I first tried it while transitioning (I only tried transitioning about 3 weeks and said SCREW THIS), and my hair HATED it.  I looked like a matted dry mess.  I recently revisited this and I’ve fallen in love!  My hair stays moisturized really well!  I co-wash twice a week and use As I am Shampoo to clarify once a month.

Once I’m done co-washing or shampooing, approximately every 2-3 weeks I use Aphogee 2 minute Keratin Reconstructor!  Now this makes the biggest difference to me in my hair!  I didn’t start off using this product, but wow is it amazing!  It restores the health of the hair, and if you color treat or have any type of damage (or if you really just haven’t done a protein treatment) you should REALLY try one.  You do have to be careful of protein overload, so it should be used sparingly.  It really helps your curl pattern to pop and makes your hair so soft, but you MUST follow with a deep conditioner.

My fave by far is As I Am Elation Hydration Conditioner.  I leave this on with a processing cap for about an hour.  Rinse out, and then I use As I am Leave-in Conditioner.

Every morning and night I spritz my hair with a bottle of water mixed with errrrthang in my “linen” closet which is just really full of beauty products.  It’s a collaboration of wild growth oil, tea tree oil, As I am leave-in, JBCO with Rosemary and whatever the hell else I feel like adding to it, LOL.  I like to change this up!

I oil my scalp every 2 days with a mixture Wild Growth Oil and Jamican Black Castor Oil and I style with Cantu Curling Cream.  Whew!  Sure looks like a lot when all written out doesn’t it?  Ha!  But I think I’ve had good growth so far!

hair growth

left 10/31, middle 12/19, far right 1/21

What’s even more annoying funnier is that my son, who has TONSSSSSSSSSSS of beautiful natural hair, uses COMPLETELY different products. LOL!

son's hair

It’s truly just about finding what works for you…so back to that question, what do you use?

Fashionably Yours,






8 thoughts on “Regimen for the Hair Naturalista, What’s Yours?

  1. blushandsuch

    I looove the #washday photo! Too funny! I’m a natural girl as well, but I straighten my hair most of the time. Natural hair is all about trial and error for sure! I find that keeping my hair clean and free of build up is the best way to go, so I use a clarifying shampoo before I load on conditioning products. It really helps!

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  2. hairlabmd

    Great post! The pictures are great you & your son are both beautiful! I would like to try I new brand but I’m happy with macadamia one session the next an Aussie/suave mix & match. I don’t really have a set regimen, I think it varies according to how I see my hair. What I always do is deep condition at least once a week (sometimes twice).

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