Eyebrows, Are You Frowning upon Them?


How do you feel about some of the eyebrow looks these days?

I love a good, strong, arched brow–I’m no prude!  I’m all for a little putty, powder, gel–your poison of choice, to outline those bishes into submission!  But Oh Em Gee are some of these super sculpted, super dark brows nowadays are SOOOOOOO scary!  WHY WHY WHY?  When you see more putty than hair…let’s just say, maybe it’s time to reevaluate.

Here are some of my favorite eyebrow girls:

makeup shayla Makeupshayla

This girl is seriously my favorite MUA!  She’s also funny as hell on SnapChat.  Anyone else love her?  The brows come closer to the middle a little more than I love, but that shape is ah-may-zing and you can still see her actual hair through the putty!  Love!


kardashians.png The Kardashian/Jenner sisters

Their brows are all well groomed and not overly sculpted.


And lastly, these chicks right here!  **applaudsSSSSSS**


I also loved this Cosmo article I stumbled across, it’s from June 2015.  But it’s the truth!


Okay, so let’s discuss.  What are you some of your favorite tricks and products to keep your brow game fashionably strong?  What do you LOVE?  What do you HATE?







16 thoughts on “Eyebrows, Are You Frowning upon Them?

  1. Helen Ashleigh

    I like natural brows for the day using a brow gel. I’m impressed with the urban decay one! Although I prefer a smaller brush. But for anything else I prefer a bolder brow and I’ll using an eyeshadow and gel. I’m too scared to go too bold though haha x

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  2. petiteti

    I used to use eyeshadow for my brows but not only was it soooo hard to find the right shade, I noticed it was making my brows super sparse! I have some VERY thick eyebrows thanks to my Portuguese blood so I was incredibly unaccustomed to not having way too much hair there. I switched to the Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade and oh my god, I am in LOVE. It keeps your brows in place but still looks natural.

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    1. Fashionably Meek Post author

      Thanks for stopping by!

      I just happened to stumble upon the right color eyeshadow. Once that’s gone, I’m out of luck lol…because it’s old! I didn’t have luck with dip brow but I’m thinking it was the wrong color. I may give it a whirl again sometime!



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