I’ve Got Eyes for Eyeshadow!

I wish I’d won the most recent powerball!!!!!  Did any of you win?  Well, until I strike it rich, I’ll likely always have a makeup wishlist for eyeshadow–my FAVORITE! Here’s what’s tickling my fancy at the moment:


elf eyeshadow bakede.l.f Baked Eyeshadow Trio in Brown Bonanza

Looks purdee!  I love that shimmery gold.  I haven’t tried many baked eyeshadows.  But you DO know how I feel about ELF (see previous post on bomb-ass eyeshadow). 




melt lovesick Melt Cometic’s Love Sick Stack

This one wins my soullllllllllllllllllllllll.  I make love to this palette every night in my dreams!  LOL!  I’m such a drugstore/sale/bargain shopper, that I have a hard time coming up off of $48.00 for a damn 4 color palette.  But in a perfect world, where money grew on trees and I didn’t have a child or bills, I would’ve bought this ages ago! I love Melt’s lipstick in Blow, remember?



Sephora Collection Jem and The Holograms: Truly Outrageous Eyeshadow Palette

24 bright shades for the cheap!  Now this is my zone!  I think I could probably deal without the super light colors at the top, but all of the others catch my eye for sure.



purple eyeshadow

Mac Eyeshadow X9 Purple Times Nine

YASSSSSSS **claps, stomps foot and twirls**.   There’s so much talk of Mac Lipstick, but what’s your take on Mac eyeshadows?




bh cosmetics

Pop Art Color Extreme 24 Color Pressed Pigment Palette

These colors look highly pigmented…FAVE!  Good mix of dark and pastels…and the price is great!



So what do you think of these?  Are any of these on your wishlist, or do you have something similar you’re in dire need of from the same company?




6 thoughts on “I’ve Got Eyes for Eyeshadow!

    1. Fashionably Meek Post author

      Good to know Kristen! I really love eyeshadows with great pigment that blend easily! Don’t you hate when eyeshadow looks great in the packaging but applies so bad?! Lol.

      Yay, glad to hear you like Elf too! Good products, affordable prices. Thanks for taking the time to comment, xo!



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