Two Faced, Binkle & Wet n Wild

bust a wrap



Howdy folks!  Just wanted to pop in and give you the heads up on a couple things giving me life lately.  I have another one from the Wet n Wild limited holiday edition, you may remember the first I tried in my previous post was Wrapper’s Delight.  This one is called Bust a Wrap, and it’s similar in color but has a little bit more umph to it!  It has great sparkle, and oftentimes, when eyeshadow has so much sparkle, coverage sucks.  Wet n Wild avoided this problem though, and this trio gave smooth coverage and it lasted great!  Best part?  This ish is $2.99!  I loved the way all of these colors complimented each other, and I was able to use this pallet alone to create a great look!  The blue in this is one of my faves!


binkle swatch





This next lil sucker was a treat in my most recent Ipsy bag, and boy was I pleasantly surprised! Tangerine Light 102 by J. Cat Beauty is absolutely phenomenal!  It is sooooooo bright and pretty and very highly pigmented with a huge amount of shine!  Also a great price at $4.99!  I can’t wait to try more of these, and the only downfall is that it doesn’t come in an actual pallet.  This was my first encounter with J. Cat Beauty, but I’m a fan now!





Wet n Wild Bust a Wrap & J. Cat Beauty Tangerine Light

melted rainbowTwo Faced Melted has been all the rage lately.  “The shine of a gloss, lasting power of a stain, and pigment-packed color of a liquid lipstick, all in one high-impact formula. Bold, long-wearing color glides on cleanly with the precision tip applicator, delivering rich color with staying power.” 

I tried the color Melted Rainbow, and I have to say, it didn’t give any color on my lips–nada, zilch, zero, zip…maybe a very pale pink.  Perhaps it would’ve translated well on someone with lighter skin/lips.  But, it felt fantastic, and I will wear this for gloss and to keep my lips from being chapped when needed.  It’s smooth and creamy, and my lips felt super moisturized while wearing.  I would certainly like to try this in a different color for sure!  These will run you about $21.00–a little pricey.

Thoughts on these?  What do you think about the Tangerine eyeshadow?  I love the color and it’s different from the ones I own so that’s always fun.  Have you tried Melted or are you a fan of Two Faced Cosmetics?




7 thoughts on “Two Faced, Binkle & Wet n Wild

    1. Fashionably Meek Post author

      That’s awesome! I think the one I tried was just the wrong for my skin tone, but it looks like they’ve really got some great colors in that collection. This one was super shiny.

      I like wearing coconut oil on my lips underneath my lipsticks or lip balm too at times.

      Thanks for taking the time to stop by! Xo

      Liked by 1 person

  1. petiteti

    I got the Tangerine Light in my Ipsy bag too and I was like no way is this going to work on my skin tone! But I LOVED it and actually featured it in my most recent tutorial. It’s perfect!

    Liked by 1 person


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