Freaky Friday: Stay at Home Mom Flow


We may laugh, we may cry, we may curse.  It may be thought-provoking or a much-needed no-brainer after an intense work-week.  Freaky Fridays are all about a change of pace, oddities, or simply off-topic posts.  So let’s get started!

Recently, I left my job of 18 years (which I enjoyed for the most part), to become a stay-at-home mom .  I’m not that old, I promise.  I started there really young. 🙂

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You may remember from my previous post that conception for me was indeed a TRUE MIRACLE.  It’s crazy how life is…so many twists and unpredictable turns.  Some tragic, some beautiful.  Tragic; losing both parents within a few years apart from each other in their early 50’s.  Tragic; neither parent ever meeting or holding my son…losing mom within 2 weeks of delivery.  Beautiful; becoming pregnant after many years of trying and believing it was impossible.  Beautiful; God knowing that I would never recover from the gut-wrenching pain of losing my very best friends within 3 years apart from one another.

My husband is amazing, my soul-mate.  I have been blessed to meet the man of my dreams many years ago.   But I don’t even know if he alone could’ve brought me from the depths of pain of losing my married parents.  Only the power of becoming a mother; with the sole responsibility of caring for someone who depends on you from the moment of conception… something SO much bigger than either one of us, could’ve done this.  I am truly grateful to/for my son, like I said, he’s only 2.  But little does he know that he is one of the reasons I continue to thrive.  That I can be at peace knowing I will once again see my parents.  I have to walk without them. It’s painful beyond measure, but doable.  Until then, I will experience the beauty of the world through my son’s amazingly beautiful eyes.  And I will continue to love a man who has made all of my dreams come true.

Sooooo, from never wanting children, to being a mom of an amazing boy and now a sahm!

It’s still new…it hasn’t yet sank in. Don’t get me wrong,  I’m sure it’s not always going to be easy with daisies and sunshine.  But for me, the positives far outweigh the negatives.  And I know I’ve made the right decision!  I have been so lucky to have amazing childcare for my boy, my MIL is the best!  But, I want to capture every single moment with my very own eyes, and not through someone else’s–there’s just no substitute for this for me.  I would rather be dog tired from the hustle and bustle of being a mommy at home, and not from a 40 hour work week.

Sacrifices will have to be made, budgets adhered to, and the unexpected will occur.  But my God, what can be better than spending the entire day uninterrupted with the center of my world?

Such an exciting adventure.  I’m up for the challenge.  I look forward to playgroups, teaching my son (as well as learning from him), clipping coupons and all that the sahm club entails.

How many of you stay at home with your children?  What has your experience been like?  What tips and advice would you like to share?


My baby and I (and a cute little mystery boy)

Happy Friday Loves, xo!



13 thoughts on “Freaky Friday: Stay at Home Mom Flow

  1. Jennifer

    Good for you girl, staying with your baby! I love being a sahm! My baby girl is 3 months old and we spend every single waking moment together. This is a great post…it’s such a joy and honor to be a mother, and it’s great to read a post that stops to celebrate that. I think my favorite part of being a stay at home mommy is that I have left behind all the distractions of the world to dedicate myself to what’s most important to me–my family. And even though there is nothing wrong with working outside the home, I love knowing that I don’t miss a moment with my baby; that I don’t let the months slip by because of worldly pressure. When she looks up at me so peacefully after just waking up in my arms, I am more honored and rewarded than any kind of praise a boss could give me. I look at her little face and I feel SO much responsibility and SO much passion for what I do– I know I couldn’t possibly care more about anything else! And that’s why I am a sahm, because I know it was meant to be. ❤
    Can you give any advice on keeping us motivated during the day?– sometimes its hard to "realize" how much we actually get done because so many people in the world say we do nothing. (haha but if they spent a day doing what we did, they'd realize how much of a full time job it is!)

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    1. Fashionably Meek Post author

      Thanks so much for commenting jennifer!

      Well said, that’s the exact way I feel. It’s been such a pleasure so far. I feel so incredibly blessed. My priorities changed when I became pregnant and although I liked my job, it didn’t hold a candle to being this little boys mom. He literally takes my breath away…

      I’m so happy to hear from you and your beautiful point of view. Amazing 😍. Thanks for taking the time to share! Xo

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  2. jilrob

    Enjoy your time with your son and don’t apologize to anyone for doing it. I had the privilege of being at at home mom for many years with my kids and I mostly loved it. Just be sure that your husband continues to feel involved too. Sometimes I think that I tried so hard to be super-mom that I didn’t always give my husband the opportunities he could have had to develop his relationships with our kids.
    BTW, thanks for following me at Discover Santosha!

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  3. David Morrison

    Love this article/blog ! You write so well ! I had no idea you were such a talented writer Tomika ! Kudos girl to staying at home for you son ! Playgroups are a really good idea- keepin’ it social ! Right on ! Again , I love this blog.


    On Fri, Jan 15, 2016 at 6:06 AM, Fashionably Meek wrote:

    > Fashionably Meek posted: ” We may laugh, we may cry, we may curse. It may > be thought-provoking or a much-needed no-brainer after an intense > work-week. Freaky Fridays are all about a change of pace, oddities, or > simply off-topic posts. So let’s get started! Recently, I left my” >

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