Sick of Colourpop Yet?

Okay, so unless you live in a hole, you’ve probably heard of Colourpop!  I finally had the opportunity to partake in my own official Colourpop haul around Christmas time…and here are my thoughts…wow!

So at the time, they were running a great sale, and I got 7 Ultra Matte Lips for $33.60!  Their prices are reasonable all the time, but the sale made it even more intriguing.  It felt like it took forever and a day to arrive, but considering the time of year, I wasn’t surprised (maybe I ordered it that Cyber Monday or so?), and I really don’t think it truly took that long.  But boy, was it worth the damn wait! I really loved them all, but I’m going to share with you my faves!  And yes, they’re bold and yes they’re matte!

colourpop Dr_MDr. M

Hard to describe, maybe an emerald green-ish?




colourpop JelliesJellies

Whoop Whoop!  Love a good blue!





Colourpop GuessGuess

This one is super fun!  It’s very dark…almost black on the lips with a twinge of purple.




Colourpop LAXLAX

A deep dark red–fiyah!





More Better

This one gives me LIFE!  The color is so rich, it’s better than I even expected!  Don’t sleep on this one!  It may not be grammatically correct, but omg is it the truth–my top pick out of the bunch!

The other colors I received were Limbo and Kapow which were both good too!

I’ve heard some complaints about them being drying, but as long as you prep your lips prior to application (I like to use coconut oil and let that soak in first) then you should be good!  And really, how can you truly complain–that price tho!  This is a win win!

What do you guys think about Colorpop?  I’d really like to know what colors you’ve tried, and have you tried their eyeshadows?  I have not yet, but I plan to soon! 


11 thoughts on “Sick of Colourpop Yet?

      1. amjustjuls

        Heee – much to the chagrin of Hims, who pays for everything I “help” into my basket! Like probably some ColourPop items within the next week or so….


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