Are You Naturally Fly?

Knock Knock?  You guys still there?  Well…Happy New Year folks!  It’s been a minute!  I hope you enjoyed the holidays–I sure did!  The hustle and bustle, the food and the family time!  I’m almost a little sad that it’s over!  But all good things must come to an end so they say….so let’s get down to the business of being fashionable with great skin!!!

I love body butters, I really prefer them over lotion because of the intense moisturizing they provide– I don’t want my black to crack!  This is especially important during the winter, but my skin likes them all year long!

Have you heard of Naturally Fly?  I had such a nice experience with them; for me, great customer service is a must!  I  received some products in exchange for my honest, unbiased, review, and I’m happy to chat with you about them!



Honey Punch Body Butter contains 100% natural ingredients–you know I’m a sucker for all things natural!

Honey Punch™ unrefined Shea Butter enhanced with Honey. Honey is a natural skin-softening agent, extremely rich with Vitamins A and E. With its natural antibacterial properties, Honey Punch is an all natural moisturizer that fights acne while acting as a natural skin clarifier.

This product made my skin feel great!  I love my skin to have a sheen to it (with the exception of my face), and this product did great in that department.  It soaks into the skin easily, but has the great lasting power of a Shea Butter product.  A little dab goes a long way, so I think this 4oz container will certainly last for a while.

Butttttt, on the down side, I was NOT a fan of the smell.  I found it really overpowering.  I’m not sure how to describe the scent, but it was just Team Too Strong for me, and punched me right in the nose!  With that being said, I’m honestly very picky, and always lean towards lighter scents.  If you like to use skin products that really kick off a smell and have great scented lasting power, this one certainly did, as the smell lasted through several hand-washings.

naturallyfly-sheabutter-midnightmango_4oz_1I also received Midnight Mango, and I’m not a fan of tropical scents.  However, I was very pleasantly surprised, as this one smelled nice!  It’s a very light, sweet scent, and it also feels great on the skin as did the Honey Punch.

Ultra Rich in Vitamins A and E to promote skin hydration! Unrefined Shea Butter enhanced with Extra Virgin Avocado Oil, a natural retinoid. Our blend is the best for all natural skin rejuvenation. Midnight Mango is a natural age-defying body butter with a refreshing tropical scent. Use this body butter for a quick topical burst of Vitamin C.

Naturally Fly also has a great selection of other types of body butters as well as salt scrubs I’d be interested in trying.  I would likely love the Super Natural Body Butter which is fragrance-free.  They also have a Fly Daddy Salt Scrub, and as an occasional migraine sufferer, I like to find natural ways to relieve the pain!

Fly Daddy™ As if the Himalayan salt wasn’t enough, the peppermint promotes healthy clear skin with a cooling effect! Get your circulation on and reduce tension headaches at the same time.

So what do you think, would you give this a whirl?  The 2oz travel size body butters are $14.99, and the 40z body butters are $19.99.  They run some really great sales periodically too!  Score!










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