Unwash Your Hair for the Holidays

WILL WE BE FASHIONABLE?  There are so many options nowadays for healthy hair care!  With so much emphasis on natural hair care (moving away from relaxers, perms, etc.), and many more people moving in that direction, including myself, there are some great options for those who prefer to steer clear of harsh sulfates which effect curl pattern.  I was sent Unwash for my honest, unbiased, review, I was happy to share information with you guys about it in time for the holidays!  Perhaps a gift idea for your favorite curlfriend?  It’s a little pricey, so make sure you like him/her a lot! 😉

anti residue rinseThe Unwash Anti-Residue Rinse $32 USD is applied to wet hair–the scent is sort of fruity/citrus-like!  This is massaged all around your hair and scalp and then you rinse!

Rinse away build-up caused by styling agents, leave-in products, and time. Our pH-balanced Anti-Residue Rinse, a mild yet effective bio-based cleanser, gently removes the layers of build-up that weigh hair down. A reset button for the tresses, it lifts away the bad without stripping away natural oils and moisture for balanced, healthy, beautiful hair.

hydrating maskThe UnWash Hydrating Mask $34 USD is applied to your hair after using the Anti-Residue Rinse.  Simply apply it to your wet hair from root to tip.  Leave it on your hair for approximately 5 minutes, and then rinse and style as normal!

Reset your hair’s moisture balance with this ultra-hydrating and nourishing masque. Applying a systematic approach, restorative natural oils and extracts replenish hair vitality from the inside out. Hair feels softer, smoother and healthier with more body, beauty and shine.

list of ingredients

Is it Gluten-Free? Our products are gluten-free. Although you will see some ingredients that say ‘wheat,’ they don’t contain gluten.

Is it Vegan? For all you animal lovers out there (us too) the Bio-Cleansing Conditioner and Anti-Residue Rinse are completely vegan. While the Hydrating Masque is totally animal-friendly, it does contain a protein derived from sheep’s wool (no sheep were hurt.)

Is it Organic? Nope! Our products are not 100% organic. Because our formulas are cosmetic hair products that are washed completely off your strands and do not enter your body, we don’t believe that they need to be 100% organic. Instead, we invest money into research on how to make our formulas the best they can be for the health and vitality of your hair.


Unwash has some other products on their site that look pretty cool.  The Unwash Dry Cleanser $28 USD can be put on your tresses on-the-go to quickly revitalize and renew oily locks.  They also offer 3 of their products in the Unwash Kit–it’s a whopping $89 bucks, so I likely would be buying this for a gift myself, lol!  But it offers the Bio-Cleansing Conditioner and the 2 products we spoke about today.  I do love when companies offer items together in a kit like this, and discounts the price some!

So what do you think about Unwash?  Have you heard of this company?  What has been your experience?



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