Stocking Stuffers: Soft Lips and Great Pits




For me, one of my favorite parts of Christmas is looking for fun stocking stuffers.  They are great because they are gift items that don’t break the bank and you can always go with something wacky, funny, different, traditional, or something really useful.  I was recently sent items from 2 companies for my honest, unbiased review, and it occurred to me that these would fit in this category perfectly!


Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant available in Jars and Sticks, $8.99

You can probably tell by now that I LOVE natural products!  I was super happy to stumble upon Schmidt’s as their deodorants are free of aluminum, parabens, propylene-glycol (that just sounds bad, doesn’t it), phathalates (which also sounds crappy), gluten, chemicals and synthetics!

I received 3 different types of deodorant: fragrance-free, Bergamot+Lime, and Cedarwood+Juniper.  These smell absolutely FANTASTIC!  Both scents reminded me of something I’d like to smell on my guy, but I would certainly wear it too!  And fragrance-free is perfect for the picky gift recipient.

The first one I tried was the Bergamot+Lime.  Well, sigh….it didn’t work for me!  LOL!  I must be in need of chemicals, at least as far as my pits are concerned,  because I detected a slight hint of funk at the end of the day.  Luckily, I tested these on a day I was at home alone.  Not the knock-your-ass-down, omg is that for real smell?!  But the whiff and waft method of smelling underarms for the purpose of review type.  I didn’t work out that day, thankfully, because if I had of, I think it could have turned into the “omg is that for real” smell.

armpit funk.gif

So back to Secret Outlast I go, because I like to keep my pit-funk on a hush-hush.

On the flipside, my husband also tried Bergamot+Lime.  He wore it to work (he’s a brave soul) and he works a very physical job with a lot of movement, walking and down right sweating.  I texted him to ask how he smelled and he responds “idk.”  LOL!  Only a man!  So, when he walks in the door, I give his pits a whiff, and he smells delightful!  No funk, only the scent of Bergamot+Lime.  Schmidt’s was a win for him!  With this being said, his armpits never ever smell, ever in life.  He can forget to put on deodorant an entire day, and never emit a smell from the depths of his man-arms.

My pits, however, are picky-pits, and I must dive into my Secret Outlast immediately–do not pass go, do not collect $200— following a shower to remain funk-free throughout the day! 😉   I really love the idea of natural deodorant and really wish it had worked for me! Sadly it did not.

So I say, give it a whirl, depending on your pit history, Schmidt’s may be a win for you too!  The price is fabooski and a cute stocking stuffer!  They have so many scents available!  And, they also have a 5 pack of sticks available for $43, you could easily knock out 5 of your friends with buying this!  And here’s the BEST PART…

Schmidt’s has an exclusive offer for my Fashionably Meek followers!  Simply enter the discount code “MEEKSCHMIDTS” and receive 15% off on all orders via their site Click Here for Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant.

product-moisture-plusMoisture Plus Lip Balm by Carmex  approximately $3-$5 USD

Carmex is a tried and true company that’s been around for forever and a day!  I think everyone at one-time or another has had one of those little round, yellow containers in their purse or pocket (shout out to Carmex’s Original Jar)!  The Moisture Plus Lip Balm is fun, because they come in cute patterns and designs and it’s in a tube similar to lipstick.  It feels fantastic on the lips and it has the familiar tingle that we love with Carmex!

Downfall time!  They’ve added a soft vanilla flavor to this lip balm and it smells amazing but boy does it taste BAD.  It doesn’t deter me from wearing it, beauty is pain, and chapped lips are gross!  How the heck can you wear a fierce matte if your lips are all flakey?  Answer: YOU CANNOT.  However, if you’re like LL Cool J and are in the habit of licking your lips, this will SURELY get you out of the habit pretty damn quickly!

product-stick-strawberry-pack-1Strawberry Stick by Carmex approximately $1.00-$2.00

This one is my favorite out of the crew.  I love the smell of strawberries, and it feels great on the lips (without any weird taste).  These also come in Cherry, Lime, Vanilla and Pomegranate.  It’s soothing and contains cocoa seed butter to help moisturize.  I like to use it to prep my lips first thing in the morning before applying any makeup.

The availability of Carmex, as well as the price, makes this a cute, simple stocking stuffer for the holidays.  You can find these items at most grocery and or drug stores!

What are some of your stocking stuffer purchases this year?


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