Are You a Product Junkie?

So, I’m thinking I may have a slllllllllllllight addiction to products and truly all things girly!  It occurred to me yesterday evening ’tis might be true, as I was cleaning my hall linen closet (that’s mostly full of products, and NOT linens).  I’m not sure when this started, but in retrospect, I’ve been this way for as long as I can remember.  I don’t even think it’s really category specific–It seems to be hair, skin, makeup etc.

product junkie

So the above is just one shelf of many in and around my house!  And yes, you see I still have my old ass Elf 144 Eyeshadow Palette in rotation, don’t judge (previous post about Elf bomb-ass eyeshadow)!  I need to invest in some of these cute little thingys on My Cosmetic!

beauty-cube-acrylic-cosmetic-organizer-350x466 Oooooh…..



I found the following on Naturally Curly–how many categories do you fit in?

  1. You make sharing a bathroom impossible for any other person. You need your counter, drawer, cabinet space, wall space and even floor space!
  2. You have more product than food in your refrigerator or worse—you have 2 refrigerators to handle your space problem!
  3. Your day revolves around mail delivery and you are on a first-name basis with your mail carrier.
  4. You purchase products containing ingredients that you have tried before and didn’t work for your hair, but they might work this time, right?
  5. You have a product wish list longer than your grocery or To-Do list.
  6. If you share an email account with a significant other, you delete confirmations so they don’t know how much you’ve actually spent. Some of you may even have a separate email account just for purchasing products!
  7. You have products in your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, closet, dresser drawers and anywhere else they can fit. The trunk of your car is even an acceptable location. I’ve even been known to use the attic.
  8. You shower as often as possible so you can try out new products and accessories. Fragrance rocks!
  9. You spend the majority of your day analyzing your hair (and skin and teeth, etc.) and considering what you will do differently tomorrow.
  10. You aren’t sure what you will have for dinner tonight, but you know what product you will try in the morning.
  11. You purchase products without knowing exactly what they are or how they work—but they have a great logo!
  12. Your monthly budget consists of bills, food, clothing and hair products, but not in that order.



16 thoughts on “Are You a Product Junkie?

  1. mortbane

    Yeeesss…I have an addiction. And it’s worse because my addiction isn’t limited to makeup, but rather makeup is just another extension of my addiction. I’m addicted to things that come in a variety of colors. I have more pens than I’ll ever need. I have nail colors that I will most likely never wear. I collect stones and dice. So of course I have too much eye shadow, and lots of it is colors that look awful on me, but the product looks so pretty I just have to have it. I get angry with the color orange, because it’s one of my favorite colors, but I can’t wear it.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. beesosimple

        I got mine at TJ Maxx for 16.99. The one in my area had tons of different ones and it way more affordable than ordering online. Do you have an Instagram I’ll take a picture of mine and tag you in it

        Liked by 1 person

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