A Peppermint & Vanilla Drink for Your Skin


WILL WE BE FASHIONABLE?  So, I’m not super big on holiday scentsI know I’m odd man out on this one, but I truly am not a fan.  I usually gag in places like Bath and Body Works around Thanksgiving time, when the store is overpowered with scents like pumpkin spice and fake cranberry.  And Christmas time is a little worse–I love candles, but I avoid stores like Yankee Candle like  the plague!  I just can’t stand all the artificial cinnamon and “tree” scents.  I literally runnnnnnn past the scented aisles in the store.

Therefore, when I was provided with the opportunity to sample Better Shea Butter Peppermint & Vanilla Body Butter for free in exchange for my honest, unbiased holiday scents lovin’ review I was just a tad apprehensive.  But I don’t hate vanilla or peppermint, so I figured, why not?!

Well, once it arrived, that apprehension immediately changed to LOVE!  Wow!  The scent of this stuff is literally mouth-watering!  It smells like one of the best days of my life!  I hadn’t even used it yet, but the smell alone was enough to write Better Shea Butter’s name and mine in hearts on my notebook paper.

Now, let’s get to the feel–this stuff is light and creamy as well as non-greasy.  It really saturates and soaks into your skin leaving it really well-moisturized.  I usually prefer a thicker hand cream and/or body lotion, but this really feels great on the skin!

The scent lingers for hours, even after washing my hands several times throughout the day.   And it’s such a light, faintly-sweet, minty smell.  No worries about smelling like a bowl of C&H Sugar yes, I know, it doesn’t truly have a smell, but you get the picture.  This would be a great stocking stuffer!

While this product is not completely organic shea butter, Better Shea Peppermint & Vanilla Body Butter is made with high quality organic ingredients, it’s never animal tested, it’s vegan and it’s gluten free.

Click Here for Better Shea’s Peppermint & Vanilla Body Butter $17.50

Your skin is your body’s largest organ, but it is often overlooked. Give it the nourishment it needs with our organic aloe vera and shea body butter. This rich lotion is infused with peppermint and vanilla essential oils and wildcrafted green tea, filling it with the vitamins and antioxidants necessary for glowing, beautiful skin. Our lotion is a treat for healthy skin and a safe moisturizer for sensitive skin, dry skin, and skin affected by eczema and psoriasis.




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