Fashion: What’s on My Christmas List


Tis the season to wish I had more money!  LOL!  Isn’t it amazing how the holidays can make you revert to a 7 year old?  “Oooh, I want this.  Ooh, I want that.  Oooh, I wish I had this!”  And while I know that the most important thing about the holiday is family, health and all of those things, that doesn’t stop me from scouring the internet and wishing I had loads of cash to dump everywhere I wanna 😉

These are some of the items from Forever 21 and H&M that I wish Santa would slide down my chimney:


H&m jumpsuit

Click Here: H&M Sleeveless Jumpsuit $49.99

When I first looked at this, it struck me as ugly.  But upon further review brainwashing, I think I like this!  The pattern is unique, and it has sort of a 70’s swag.  I’d love to wear this with some fresh-faced makeup and a dark burgundy lip.


h&m jumpsuit 2H&m jumpsuit

Click Here: Forever 21 Belted Jumpsuit $39.99

Yes, I obviously have a thing for jumpsuits.  This one here gives me goosebumps…I love the color and I would love to pimp this out with a splash of bright color or continue with muted colors and give a super bold matte lippie Previous Post: Melt Cosmetics Lipstick with a gold chunky statement-piece necklace.

Click Here: Forever 21 Houndstooth Skirt $22.90

I love this skirt!  I am a super fan of Houndstooth and Chevron.  I would personally pair this skirt with a red shirt, and I feel like it would be cute to rock this winter with some black boots.

Click Here: Forever 21 Shirt Dress $29.90

How do you feel about shirt dresses?  I’m always scared that my cheeks will hang out the bottom, but obviously models are taller than my mere 5’2?!  If it’s too short, I’ll pair it with some dark patterned tights, and I would likely wear tights or legging this winter to keep from dying of hyperthermia.  I would also like to throw on my Knit Cuff Hiking Boots that I bought a while back from Rue 21 Previous Post: Boots

What do you ladies think about these?  And what clothes are on your Christmas Wish List?







4 thoughts on “Fashion: What’s on My Christmas List

  1. Natural Talez

    I was just thinking about my wish list. For some reason I want to add more dresses to my wishlist. I love the jumpsuits too. Thanks for sparking me to start on my wish list. I am going to share this blog.


    1. Fashionably Meek Post author

      Thanks so much for following along. Appreciate your comments and support.

      Yeah, I love dresses! It’s a double-edged sword for me. I love dresses, but I hate being cold! But love sweater dresses! What kind do you like?

      Thanks for reblogging! Nice hearing from you!



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