Gift Idea: The Color Workshop Eye Set

the color workshop

Hey guys!  I’m happy to inform you that I stumbled across another el-cheapo find that’s right on time for the holidays!  You could buy it for a gift or gift it to yourself!  I really almost bypassed it because it was close to the kiddie makeup section in wally world–you know the section that has the makeup for like 12 year-olds that usually don’t show any color when applied and have the fake whole nails with flowers and dogs on them?  I literally put it back twice.  But in the end, my inner makeup-addict demon won, and I threw it in the cart next to my other stuff.

Umm, don’t let that price fool you!  Because that eyeshadow is the!  The colors blend super smoothly and they have just the right amount of sparkle (and, the sparkle isn’t just on top of the color, it goes all the way through).  As you can see, there is a great mix of fall, night and daytime looks in this set.  Score!  Now, you knowwwww how I feel about my Elf Eyeshadow Palette  Previous Post-Elf Eyeshadow Palette, and I’m not having an affair.  But The Color Worskshop and I may hold hands and kiss just a little…

It comes with some false eyelashes, 2 of which look semi-tarantula-ish and I haven’t tried yet.  Tarantula eyes aren’t my fave, but I’ll try anything once, maybe twice.  But it’s more like I’ve been too lazy to jack with those.  It comes with some sparkly liquid eyeliner which I tried and failed, miserably. And later, I kept feeling like I had pieces of it in my eye.  But, I’m going to reserve judgment on that because I haven’t used anything like that before. The color is dang sure pretty if you like glitter!

I haven’t used the gel eyeliner or other pencils in there either.  I’m truly just a sucker for self-sharpening, retractable eyeliners.  But I will for sure once I’m done bare-face slouching these days.

And it comes with eyeshadow applicators–uh, does anybody use these?  I only used mine to dab color on my arm prior to applying on my face because I was excited.  Isn’t everyone on the brush train?

Really, all of that other stuff is great, but I think $9.98 USD makes this a win, even if everything else was horrid.  Also, side note, check out this review on the walmart link.  It made me LOL!

What do you think about this set?

Oh, and I forgot, it comes with a mascara too.


The Color Workshop Eyes That Hypnotize Gift Set:

  • The beauty revolution never ends
  • Includes: 2 Eye Pencils, 18 Eyeshadows, 4 Eyeliner Gels, 2 Eyeliners, 0.09 fl oz Mascara, 3 Pair of Artificial Eyelashes, and 2 Sponge Applicators




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