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WILL WE BE FASHIONABLE?  I had never personally heard of Lip Ink, so when I stumbled across their site, I was excited to learn more and share information with you guys!  Their ingredients are eco-friendly, organic, vegan and all natural! And, along with eye-liner, brow linter, lash tent and eyeshadow gels and more–they provide smear-proof, waterproof  lipstain that is said to last for hours. I was first impressed by the wide array of color options–there are literally TONS (at least 58 color options).  Additionally, their customer service is AMAZING, and I was so happy when I was sent some free items so I could provide my honest, unbiased, expert review!

My Lip Ink kit contained the color I’d chosen, Fushia, the Off solution, Shine Moisturizer, and a small brush to line my lips with Lip Ink Color.  These are the following steps:

  1. Use the Off solution to prep your lips–it exfoliates, cleanses and removes any current products.
  2. Rinse your lips with water, pat dry
  3. Use the small brush to line lips (optional).
  4. Apply a small amount shine moisturizer which hydrates the lips until absorbed
  5. Shake and apply the lipstain liquid to your lips. It gets darker with each application.  You know me, I applied about 4 times! 🙂

You need to allow the color to dry in between applications.  Then apply the shine moisturizer.

I was really impressed by the color.  It was very pretty, rich, and true to color.  I will say that my lips felt SUPER DUPER DRY in between coats while I was waiting.  It felt like I had put actual wall paint primer on my lips, so I didn’t really know if I’d like the product.  However, once I reached my desired color, and again applied the shine moisturizer, my lips quickly felt soothed and normal.  It looked great!  It says you can blot for a matte finish, but I left the shine moisturizer on so that it looked like lip gloss with rich color.  I applied it in the morning at 6:30 a.m., and the color stayed true until about 2:00 p.m. with no reapply–I ate and drink and wiped my mouth all throughout the day as normal!  It did stay on all day, but I would say that if I was going out after 2:00 p.m., I personally would’ve reapplied it.

This is really a great product, especially if you’re a no-fuss girl that doesn’t like to continually reapply makeup throughout the day.  And the fact that the ingredients are all so healthy and natural is also a big plus for me!  The kits are indeed pricey, but I would think this would last forever since there’s minimal reapply and it spreads easily as it’s liquid.  If you’re in the mood to splurge, this is a great investment!  You can also mix and match the lipstain colors to create something tailored to you!

Have you ever tried any Lip Ink products or similar lipstains?

For a free trial size, please visit the link below. You will only pay for shipping! $67.44 USD

LIP-INK® is a multi-patented 100% smearproof color cosmetics & semi permanent makeup that is hand crafted in the USA using natural, vegan, kosher, and organic botanical ingredients. Introducing the world’s only 3 product lip color system giving you guaranteed smearproof and waterproof lipstick. LIP-INK® Lip Stain Kits includes OFF Cleanser/Remover, Lip Shine Moisturizer, and Smearproof Natural Lip Color giving you brilliant, beautiful lips for your natural healthy lifestyle all day long. LIP-INK® is cruelty-free and never tested on animals.






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