Lancome Color Design Eyeshadows & Melt’s Blow


WILL WE BE FASHIONABLE?  These are pricey to me… $20 per small eyeshadow (1 color, not a palette) but boy do me likey! Lancome Color Design Eyeshadows shocked me…it didn’t look like a great big deal in the container, but once I put it on I was a fan! The colors are phenomenal and a little goes a long way!

I like to wear these 3 together…my favorite combo is to use All that Brightens (shown far left) on my brow bone, Colour Du Juor (middle) on my lid and Successorize (far right) in the crease. The first two are extremely metallic but the sheen is a subtle bright one and not huge pieces of glitter which I like. Successorize is a matte color and it blends very very smoothly.

My go-to is generally drugstore makeup simply because I like to get a lot of bang for my buck. But occasionally it’s fun to indulge a little and I think these eyeshadows by Lancome are a great choice!

Make a statement with these shadow singles designed by Lancôme Global makeup artists. Available in a variety of chic shades and finishes—from shimmer to sheen and metallic to matte—to complement every wardrobe. Lancôme’s Micro-aired technology promises effortless application and smooth-gliding color that’s beautifully blendable. The long-lasting, pigment-packed color stays true for daylong wear.

Melt Cosmetics Photography by Danielle DeBruno

Melt Cosmetics Blow

WILL WE BE FASHIONABLE? Ahhh…yes! I told you the other day that I’ve had my eye on Melt Cosmetics for a while. I have been so excited to try their products!

Melt Cosmetics Blog Post

First of all, Melt’s customer service is fabulouso! I ordered it, received a tracking number, and it was to my door and in my hot little hands PDQ. And it did NOT disappoint.  The lipstick was smooth, creamy, long-lasting and very matte. The pigment was absolutely amazing–the green color was solid after applying it once on my lips. It wasn’t drying. I cannot wait to try more of their products!

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