Spotlight on Melt Cosmetics!

I’ve had my eye on Melt Cosmetics for a while!  Have you heard of them or tried anything?  I’m in love with bold makeup colors, and this group seems to be the queen of bright, vibrant lippies and of course they are….drumroll please….MATTE!  Ahh….

Here is what is currently giving me goosebumps:



Don’t let that devil name fool you, because this lipstick appears to be all sorts of heavenly!  It’s perfect for fall, and the color strikes me as classy and bold.  It looks great on this girl’s porcelain skin, and I think it will also translate well on my chocolate skin!

By Starlight  By Starlight

As you can see, this one is sold out, but boy, once it’s back in stock, I’ll be giving my debit card the workout it enjoys!  The purple looks so bright…I have so many shades of purple lipstick!  But each of them are my fave in a different way.  I don’t play favorites with my babies!

Melt Cosmetics Photography by Danielle DeBruno


I just ordered this one, and it hasn’t had sufficient time to arrive yet.  All I can say is I.CAN’T.WAIT.  I don’t have a color even similar to this, so I am doing back flips in anticipation of this puppy’s arrival!  Be looking for the review for this one…

Shady Lady Shady Lady

This one looks amazing, I can see this in the summer or spring especially!  But I like rule-breaking–I’m a wear white after Labor Day kinda girl!  This one is a bit of a safer bet for you girls that are a bit of a chicken with regard to bold lippies–but still bright enough to grace us with some pizzazz!

As of now, this company appears to mostly focus on lips–they have 2 eyeshadow palettes offered which look pretty cute too!

Dark Matter StackLove Sick Stack

Left to Right: Dark Matter Stack, Love Sick Stack


The lipsticks aren’t a bad price either–$19.00 USD each.  The eyeshadow is a bit pricey at $48.00.  What are your thoughts on Melt and what you see here?

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