DIY Home Hair Color…do you?

hair dye

So, I have never dyed my hair before (well, if you count Sun-In that I used in high school–and I’m not really sure if that’s made for black girls, I looked like a clown and my daddy kept calling me Dennis Rodman, LOL).  Although I’ve often pondered it, I’m a slight chicken.  It seems as though every time I get the balls enough to go for it, there is some wicked horror story–or some poor girl in a mall who looks so horrid that I just know she had to do it herself, LOL–what other explanation could there be?!

Yes, yes, yes–I could go to a professional.  I have, however, had my fair share of horror stories with professionals too, and pretty much trust myself the best!  I’ve recently chopped my healthy mid-back hair to a TWA (known in the natural hair community as a teenie weeny afro) and I want to dye that sucker honey blonde!  I’ve always kept up with clothing and makeup trends, but realized a while ago that I had become stuck with the same hair FOREVER.  So eff that ish and let’s change it up!

While I continue to dive into my detailed, in-depth research and education regarding this matter (youtube, youtube and youtube,  Side note: why do people film youtube videos with shotty cameras/recording devices?! ) I have found the following tips online on Oprah’s site.  I mean, she’s Oprah–she should know, right?



  • Be Conservative: Don’t choose a color more than two to three shades lighter or darker than your natural color.
  • Enlist a Friend to Help: She can ensure that you don’t miss a spot on the back of your head.
  • Use Natural Light: The forgiving dimmer switch in your bathroom won’t do you any favors when you’re trying to gauge the intensity of a new haircolor.
  • Always Condition: Most kits come with a tube of deep conditioner. Use it right after you rinse out the dye, then do a deep-conditioning treatment at least once a week after that. It will help preserve color and shine.
  • After Your First Time, Dye Only Your Roots: Your hair will get brittle, and your color patchy, if you recolor your whole head every six weeks. When your roots start to show, apply dye only to the regrowth; comb it through the rest of your hair a few minutes before the processing time is up.

So what do you home-dye girls have to add to these tips?  I would love to hear from you–how long you’ve been coloring your own hair, what brand you use, mishaps etc.  Lmk!


21 thoughts on “DIY Home Hair Color…do you?

  1. mortbane

    Vaseline around your hairline and ears will keep you from staining your skin. The gloves that come with bottle dye are a joke, but you can buy a box of 50 good gloves for less than the price of a dye kit. And ALWAYS do a skin test on bleaching products before they get near your scalp and neck (even if you’re pretty sure it’s the same formula as another brand you’ve used before, test it anyway; I had a horrible rash from Splat bleach).

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  2. theginnydiaries

    Lol! Well my short cut currently is as a result of dying my hair thrice in a space of a few weeks. The first colour didn’t take, the second washed out too soon and third was uneven. Needless to say, by the time I relaxed it again, most of it fell out and I had to get a scissors. Conditioning will not help dead hair. End of the day however, it’s only hair, it grows back as I was happy to find out. And you get one heck of a story out of it. I thought I was making a change by dying my hair, but the change was in losing it altogether. I wish you well and have fun!


      1. theginnydiaries

        Lol. I can tell you I certainly cried. Lol. And everyone but me loved it. I stayed natural for a couple months but now every time I texturise it, I hv that memory and I catch my breath…if it falls out again tho, I already know what I will look like! Definitely go for it. Our hair is just an accessory, it is not our beauty.


      2. Fashionably Meek Post author

        Amen…well said!

        I’ve had long hair my entire life. Decided to wear weave for the past year. Took it out, hair was even longer and I was just over it! Decided to go natural and big chopped. My grandmother freaked and even tried to cry. Made me so irate! I love my short hair and he you only live once!😜

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  3. brittanynichole808

    I’ve home dyed a few times but honestly it’s a really good way to ruin your hair. The foam dyes are really great for people who aren’t quite as experienced. If you home dye make sure you get two boxes – you will miss spots the first time around.

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  4. Kaitlyn

    I do not die my hair at home but have before and do my moms all the time! After the first time it gets totally easier and I do my moms because she isn’t comfortable doing her own and feels like she can’t get everything! So having a friend or family member there totally does help!! Awesome post!

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  5. Sahra Sadat

    My best friend is a black woman with natural hair. Back in college we decided to home dye her hair. We were kinda going for that honey blonde that was so in style back then but it didn’t take all the way. Still, it looked really like a pretty chocolate tone. But, for thick hair and lots of it, one box is not going to do it. You need to make sure your hair is fully saturated so buy lots of boxes and keep that dye on as long as possible. The first time you might not get to that color on the box. It may take a couple times of dyeing over your hair. I recommend Loreal hair colors. I’ve had great experiences. If you want to go to a professional, I can recommend a great one in the SF bay area (don’t know where you’re located). The worst that could happen is you don’t like the color (give yourself time to adjust, no one likes the color the first day) and you wait a couple weeks and dye it darker. Good luck!

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    1. Fashionably Meek Post author

      Thank you for the tips! I’m such a chicken that I’ll probably just give it one shot and be stuck with whatever I get for all eternity! Hahaha. Idk why I’m such a chicken though, I’m really good with hair and makeup. Thanks for following and the good luck wishes! Xo



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