Wet Wipes-They Are Not Just For Butts


So in the year 2013 after the birth of my son, I stumbled upon the greatest invention known to mankind–wet wipes! Huggies Natural Care wet wipes to be exact!  For those of you that don’t have kids–scoff all you want, but I’m telling you, if you think wet wipes are just for baby butts (or adult butts), then you are missing out on life itself! I will likely now keep them on hand even when my son is 48, and has been out of the house for 30 years.


Makeup Remover- I used to always keep the Oil of Olay makeup remover things. And I loved them. But they were costly and the packaging blows. You couldn’t really close it well, and then the rest of them would dry out. Grr!  I ran out of them one day, decided to try a wetwipe. Duh city?! They worked so well and are great for the sensitive skin around the eyes! I like to use them to clean my face on a hot sunny day outdoors! And they don’t dry your skin out…winning!

Car Detailing – Yup, that’s right. I always used to stare in awe at the cars I would pull up beside or park next to that had a ton of crap in it. Not even just the dirty ones, but the ones that had toys, and shoes,  and drinks and clothes.  Umm…I get it now! When you become a parent it seems as though you’re rushing everywhere, and usually, you’re bringing a little time-stealing-troll along with you! Sometimes, on top of the mounds of useful (and useless) crap you accumulate dust! Pop that top on those wet wipes and…voila! Presto, chango and you’ve got a shiny interior with crap, instead of a dusty interior with crap! And no chemical smell!

Stain Remover – another thing about becoming a parent is that it is a REAL struggle to keep your kid (and yourself) clean. At any given moment I may have food, drink, boogers and or all 3 on me. I mostly err on the side of caution and just assume that I have something on me, somewhere. And, I have my wet wipes waiting on me for when someone oh-so-kindly points it out!

Shoe Cleaner -I really hate to see someone with dusted-up kicks. Wet wipes are amazing for cleaning shoes…even suede ones! I hate the smell of shoe cleaning stuff. The chemicals give me the bubble-guts! SEE PREVIOUS BLOG RE: JEROME RUSSELL HAIR COLOR

So, the next time you are at Costco or Sam’s, don’t assume that the person in line next to you are purchasing wet wipes for a bouncing bundle of joy! Maybe they just love the convenience of a 5 million pack of wipes and all of the billions of purposes they serve! Lol!

Happy Wiping! Xo!


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