Freaky Friday: Infertility And The Road To My Miracle


We may laugh, we may cry, we may curse.  It may be thought-provoking or a much-needed no-brainer after an intense work-week.  Freaky Fridays are all about a change of pace, oddities, or simply off-topic posts.  So let’s get started!

I never wanted children.  They just weren’t for me! Don’t get me wrong –I wasn’t a kid-hater.  Although I silently cringed and politely shook my head ‘no’ when someone tried to get me to hold their baby.  Eww…babies.

And soooo babies, yikes!  They were even worse than kids!  They can’t hold their heads up, they burped and farted without saying excuse me and worse yet–they peed and shat with no warning!  And what was the upside again?  Ummm…no thanks!

I met the boy of my dreams when I was 14, whom I later married, and was in firm agreement with me. Whew!

Fast forward to a few years later in our relationship, we were married! A year later…ding! We decided we wanted to be parents. I know, shocking right?

We tried unsuccessfully for a year to conceive.  After a year, we decided to visit a infertility specialist which diagnosed us with…bam! Double infertility.  Not only did I have issues which would seriously inhibit my ability to conceive, but so did my husband.  Well, damn?! The only option was IVF, as IUI–it’s less expensive counterpart–wouldn’t do the trick with our circumstances.

We went through all of the normal emotions…disappointment, sadness and even anger.  IVF is crazy expensive, and physically–as well as emotionally,–I didn’t want to put myself through the ups and downs of that process. I chalked it all up to God’s will, and even wondered if that’s what I deserved since I was so adamant that didn’t want kids in the first place.

After the shock wore off, we were really both okay. Since I was never one of those women that dreamt of being a mother, I was content being a wife and married to my best friend. We traveled, clubbed on occasion and continued to enjoy life.

Again, we later revisited the idea of starting a family–possibly through adoption. We decided that after the new year, we would sit down and discuss our thoughts and feelings on the matter. I found out I was pregnant with my miracle on January 2nd. I found out a few weeks later that I was 8 weeks along.

Did we do anything differently?  No. We simply lived life to the fullest and counted all blessings. We were in such shock and disbelief, that I didn’t really even believe it until I had my first ultrasound.

It was a long road to my miracle boy. It was 9 long years from the time we originally began trying to conceive. My son is incredible, and has changed my life for the better in ways I never thought possible.  Like many, I’ve had some hard knocks.  Life had been cruel the years prior to conception– I lost both of my married, young parents a few years apart from each other (my mom 2 weeks prior to the birth of my son). We were close–they took a piece of my heart with them…I was forever changed…

I enjoyed pregnancy so much…every craving, every stretchmark and every pound. Giving birth was the most beautiful and emotional moment of my life!  Wow!

I thank God every moment of every day that I was given such a precious gift. The moral of this story? Things don’t always happen exactly when you want them, but they seem to come just when you need them.

I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know me a little bit better…

For my boys,




11 thoughts on “Freaky Friday: Infertility And The Road To My Miracle

  1. AfroMum

    Great and inspiring story. Many people who have difficulties conceiving focus so much on negatives, which causes stress and makes it even harder to conceive. Sometimes we have to strong and embrace the challenges we face in life, and if a miracle like yours is meant to happen it will. Thanks for sharing with us

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  2. dottiesebez

    Gorgeous, gorgeous post! Thank you so much for sharing your story. It touched me. Just the other day, my husband and I had the baby talk. We’re on the same page and it’s very exciting, but I have no idea what kind of road it’ll be. All I know is that it’s gonna be inspiring and eye-opening!

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  3. Gabrielle

    This is beautiful, congratulations on your beautiful child and your blessed life! Loss can be so painful, and some stays with you always, but clearly you know how to appreciate everything you have. Much love, Gabrielle

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Fashionably Meek Post author

      Thanks so much Gabrielle. Yes, it is indeed. I’ve just learned how to play the hand I’m dealt, and yes, be thankful, blessed and oh so appreciative–every second of every single day! Nice to hear from you, xo!

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