Mehron Cheek Powder/Cheek Cream Combination Palette


WILL WE BE FASHIONABLE?  Depends.  I’m not a huge blush person, and have to admit, I have only recently began to wear it.  I only use about 3-4 of the colors in this palette–because I’m most comfortable with those with my skin tone.  But the Mehron Cheek Powder/Cheek Cream Palette has a good variety of highly-pigmented colors.  I think this is for mostly theatrical makeup/wear, but the colors are bright and pretty and work for everyday application if you lightly apply.  It wears well throughout the day.  I think I’m more of a powder blush girl versus cream, and I tend to gravitate towards using the powder mostly.  Because of the rich colors, I think you need to be careful applying it so that you don’t end up looking clown-like (unless you’re wearing this for Halloween).


I also think that for the price, you could likely find a cheaper brand that works equally as well.  As I’ve said, I’m not the most experienced blush-wearer–what are some of the brands/colors you like?

$43.95 USD

CHEEK Powder 8 Color Palette this exclusive blend of pressed powder infused with a highly concentrated matte pigmentation formula developed at the Mehron research facilities will provide you with a natural glow. The sheerness of the powder combined with the rich vibrant color selection makes CHEEK Powder the preeminent powder blush available on the market today. Celebré Professional Pressed Powder Blushers will wear long because it is manufactured by the Leader in Theatrical Makeup, Mehron. Celebré Professional Pressed Powder Blusher 8 Color Palette contains the rich colors of; TropiCoral, Rosewood, Mocha, Contour, Mojave, Pale Peach, Just Peachy, Bold Red.


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