Wet n Wild ColorIcon Eyeshadow Collection: Comfort Zone


WILL WE BE FASHIONABLE? This is a good eyeshadow palette for the price!  You can get it for about $5 at Walgreens.  It’s very sparkly in color and pretty well pigmented (although I wouldn’t necessarily say highly pigmented).  The blending took a bit more work to me (I’m spoiled off of ELF eyeshadow which blends oh-so-perfectly).  There are some great fall colors in this palette–I wore it yesterday!  I don’t pay attention to the what-goes-where  on each color, I just put it on my eye where I like it and go from there!

Downside, it had lotsssssssssssssssssssssssss of fallout from the color when applying.  I like to wet my brush first, and even with doing this, it didn’t really help.  When I got done with my makeup, it I looked like someone had hit me in both eyes with a glittered fist.  But that wasn’t a huge deal, I just powdered my face again, and it got rid of it.

It’s not a bad one for the price!


$4.79 USD

Eight times the fun in one convenient package! These eyeshadow collections feature eight dynamic and vibrant shades with high pigment and pearl for ultra-impact color! A jet-milled base and silicone technology deliver longwearing, stay-true color for hours of crease-resistant wear. Enriched with Macadamia Oil, each shadow provides continuous moisture that improves the appearance of the delicate eye area. The shade combinations can be used together for a daring statement or individually to bring a pop of color to your look.


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