Did Someone Say Boots? 2 Pairs And A Sale Not To Miss!

Rue 21: Knit Cuff Hiking Boot 


$26.99 USD



Brown Buckled Knee High Boot


$36.99 USD


WILL WE BE FASHIONABLE?  Fall–changing leaves, pumpkin spice, Halloween, cozy cuddling by the fire….NOPE.  Those things are fine and dandy, but to me, fall is all about BOOT SEASON!!!!  I love sandal season–but it’s less forgiving.  Your toes always have to be on point, fresh pedicure etc.  and while I always try to do these things anyway, let’s be realistic–who cares what the heck they look like in some boots!  Whoop Whoop!

These two are some of my recent purchases.  So ladies, let’s start chatting about the first pair…

The Burgundy Knit Cuff Hiking Boot! I wore them yesterday (to a pumpkin patch and that was REALLY stupid because it was so friggin’ dirty).  They are super comfortable, and I love the pop of color which really stands out because they are suede-ish.  I wore these with a plaid black and white flannel shirt and some black jeggings — the pop of color looked great!  These are also available in tan which are pretty cute too! I walked for hours in these suckers and they were comfy!   They wipe off well THANK GOODNESS because they literally looked like I had been working in a saloon in the wild west when we left the pumpkin patch.  Fail on my part, but they were so cute, I couldn’t resist!

The Brown Buckled Knee High Boots are really fab in person, the picture truly doesn’t do them justice.  I like the cut around the top because it reminds you of a cowboy boot feel.  The buckles are nice and bright and really stand out.  These boots are also available in taupe and black–I have the brown which are featured above.  The material of these are also reminiscent of a suede as well.  I have yet to wear these, but the try-on felt comfortable and roomy!

Even if these two are not for you, Rue 21 is having a heck-of-a boot sale!  Buy one get one for $10!

boot sale

Or, you could just buy boots!  Let me know what you decide!  Peace, love and boots!  XO!


3 thoughts on “Did Someone Say Boots? 2 Pairs And A Sale Not To Miss!

  1. sarahsmith1988

    I love the brown buckles knee boots. Unfortunately not so much the other boots. I think this is down to the colour. I would not consider myself as a know what goes with what person. So I steer away from colours when it comes to shoes. I stick with the blacks, browns and Grey’s. Maybe if I was a little more daring I would venture out 🙂 xoxo great post

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Fashionably Meek Post author

      Thanks for commenting and supporting!

      I get it, I used to be like that too! Several years ago I just dove in and started with some bright colors–I never looked back! Lol! But you have to do what’s comfortable.☺. Take a plunge one day and lmk how it goes! Nice hearing from you!

      Liked by 1 person

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