5 Of The Best Lip Shades for Fall: Purple and Berry Puckers!


Left to right: Maybelline Sensational Voltage 1000, Ruby Kisses RMLS13 Matte, Maybelline Expresso Exposed 99, Maybelline Color sensations Violet Intrigue 995

WILL WE BE FASHIONABLE?  It is my opinion that purples and berry colors look great on everyone, regardless of skin tone or hair color! On very fair skin it translates to a sexy vampy look, and for those who are dark-toned like myself, a berry color can almost translate to a nude-like shade.  It can be a little edgy, all the while maintaining class and sophistication with a side of seduction! Ooh la la!

Today I’m going to share with you 5 of my favorite fall shades! Let’s get this party started!

Maybelline Lavender Voltage 1000:  This color is very bright and electric! It’s smooth and moisturizing–it feels great on your lips! This is also a great one for spring as well!  It isn’t a long-lasting lip color, so if you lip-lock or wolf down a cheeseburger then it’s game-over. I still love it though and it has great shine!

Ruby Kisses Matte: This one is a super el-cheapo that I picked up at my local beauty supply store. It really surprised me! Not for the shy girl, as the color is SUPER dark and bold and really intense!!! It’s completely shine -free and it isn’t terribly drying. It’s ultra sexy!

Maybelline Expresso 99: This one is deep and rich and almost looks like a nude with my skin. It has slightly less shine than the ColorSensational brands and it has more stamina.

Maybelline ColorSensation Violet Intrigue 995: This one and the Voltage 1000 are kissing-cousins! They wear about the same, but Violet Intrigue has more pink in it.

Also, featured in one of my previous posts is Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Shameless. I can’t get enough of Shameless, I tell you! It is my dominant and I am its submissive!

Revlon Colorburst in Shameless

So there you have it folks! I’ve had these all for quite some time, but they are all still available on various sites online ranging from approximately $.99-$10.00 USD. I saw all of the above on Amazon for a great price!


Left to right: Lavender Voltage, Ruby Kisses, Maybelline Expresso, Violet Intrigue and Shameless

Happy Smooching!  Xo!


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