Ardell Double Individuals Knot-Free lashes


WILL WE BE FASHIONABLE?  So, sadly, I must admit that I suckkkkkkk with lash strips. I’ve tried (and failed) repeatedly. I can’t get them on straight, ever. I flip them while I’m trying to apply them thus, getting glue everywhere. It’s like the band is too thin…because I’m good at the ones that come out for HALLOWEEN.  Lol!


Any pointers on applying lash strips or any brands with a thicker band to try?

Ardell individual lashes saved my life! I think individual lashes are more forgiving…they don’t have to be EXACTLY straight and for me, they are so much easier.  I get short because I wear glasses and these are comfortable and look semi-natural with just the right hint of sexy and Drag Queen.


I’ve tried the single flares and those looked too sparse to me, but the double ones are where it’s at! And I love the price!

What brands of lashes do you wear? I would love to try some new ones–let’s hear it!

Approximately $3.49-$3.99 USD

Ardell Duralash Double Individual Lashes Short are perfect for lash wearers who want to customizes their eyes with thicker lash volume. Ardell Professional 56 Double Flares Knot-Free Short Black individual lashes have 60% more lash strands as the regular individual lashes for more dramatically intense eyes. They are Knot free and easy to apply.   ** NEW **

  • Style: Natural to Glamour
  • Double the volume and thickness (60% more lashes)
  • Length is approx. 8mm long
  • Contain 56 Medium length Knot Free Clusters
  • Knot-free for a subtle, natural lash line

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