Lalicious Sugar Kiss Body Butter

sugar kiss body butter

WILL WE BE FASHIONABLE?  I have really sensitive skin, and this is one of the few products which include fragrance that I can use with no difficulty.  I like that they aim to use natural ingredients.  It’s a sweet light fragrance, and it was one of my must-have items during my pregnancy–my baby bump loved it. We all know pregnant women have an aversion to smells–I couldn’t stand coffee and made my husband drink coffee only at work during the entire 9 months!

I still use it to this day, I really like the creamy consistency.  While it moisturizes well for the moment, I wouldn’t say it’s long-lasting, and I personally like to use it alongside some type of oil.  I used it with the Lalicious Sugar Kiss Body Oil and it appears as though they no longer make it, it hasn’t been featured on the site (gasps and cries and stomps foot and shouts NO FAIR)!  So if you’re looking for light, creamy and sweet, give it a shot!

I’m really curious about some of the other Lalicious products!   Have you heard of this brand and tried any of their products?  Let’s hear it!

$26.50 USD

Rejuvenate dry skin with this healing body treatment. Shea Butter and Safflower Oil provide intense hydration to seal in moisture while leaving skin silky smooth. Aloe Vera and Vitamin E nourish and protect to keep skin looking radiant from head to toe. Drench the body in this whipped cream of citrus, rose and vanilla for deliciously soft skin.


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