Jerome Russell Tempr’y Hair Color and Its Shocking Relationship With The Toilet


WILL WE BE FASHIONABLE?  If fashionable involves multiple trips to the toilet…


So, let me explain!  I recently cut my hair short and wanted to spice up my very dark locks without the committment of permanent hair dye.  OHHH EMMM GEEE! The smell of Jerome Russell’s Tempr’y hair color was absolutely dreadful.  I’m almost sure that a skunk spraying directly on my scalp would have smelled much more pleasant!  The scent was a cross between dead roses, honeysuckle and a birthday cake topped with Splenda.  I knew immediately upon application that I had made a HUGE mistake.

It turned my stomach so bad that I literally stayed in the bathroom ALL.DAY.LONG.  I’ll leave what happened in the restroom up to you and your oh-so-crafty imagination.  I washed it out within an hour, but by then, the damage was done.  I was plagued with nausea and headaches the absolute remainder of the evening.  I don’t even have an opinion about the color itself because the smell alone was enough to make me want to drop dead instantly.  EPIC FAIL JEROME!

Approximately $3.50 USD-$8.99

Try a fun temporary change with Temp’ry Hair Color.  Choose from a variety of colors, from theatrical to natural. Just spray in and wash out. Will not damage hair.


4 thoughts on “Jerome Russell Tempr’y Hair Color and Its Shocking Relationship With The Toilet

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