Granny Panties Vs. Victoria’s Secret Low Rise Cheekys

granny panties

Who wears granny panties?  Don’t lie!  We all have at some point.  Although inarguably unattractive, the comfort is hard to beat!  And, that price though?!?!?  You can’t top throwing a 3-pack in the cart at Walmart.  However, if you’re like me, and got sucked up (get it, sucked up?! LOL) in all the hype and ventured out to Victoria’s Secret…

low rise cheeksters

Well, these are obviously sexy!  And, I’m dealing with a bit more…ahem…trunkage…than the girls featured on their website.  However, I think that gives these suckers even MORE pizzazz!  The lace doesn’t show a panty-line, they are soft, and oh-so-comfy.  It’s nice to know that comfort doesn’t have to come in the form of parachutes (as my husband lovingly calls bloomers).  I would say they don’t ride, but I think they’re SUPPOSED to ride, and the light fabric makes it allowable.  I’m a super fan of these…VS LOW RISE CHEEKYS FOR LIFE!

What’s your favorite type of undies?

Low Rise Cheeky Victoria Secret

5 for $27.50 USD


7 thoughts on “Granny Panties Vs. Victoria’s Secret Low Rise Cheekys

  1. 101shopaddict

    Lol I love this my husband hates my grannies whereas i adore them. I have abit more back end so vs might be the ones to convert me…, just maybe.

    Liked by 1 person


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